Thursday, June 2, 2011

Uniquely American

This fellow, Rob Bliss, had an idea to do a lip synching video in Grand Rapids, Michigan, after the city was listed as #10 on a list of America's dying cities. 5,000 people showed up to do the video him, and he closed off pretty much all of downtown Grand Rapids for the project.

On this Planet, America seems to be world capital of brilliant, fun, crazy, apolitical ideas that thousands of people can support and participate in for no other reason than because it is enjoyable. No pay, no credit, no obligations, no responsibility; at most, a sense of group pride — be it civic, social, religious, patriotic, or institutional — and the sense of satisfaction that Americans get from simply participating.

America: The world capital of participation.

p.s. Note the Filipino guy in the video halfway through?

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