Thursday, June 2, 2011

Woman Charged With Illegal Abortion In Idaho

My opinion about abortion has always been the same: Abortion should always be an option, and it should always be the last and worst option.

Why? Because there is always a last and worst option for a woman wanting desperately to end a pregnancy, and without the option for an abortion that woman will quickly discover that there are many options equally effective but far more awful than going to a doctor to end a pregnancy... and she will choose one.
An eastern Idaho woman faces a felony after she told authorities she took pills to terminate her pregnancy on Christmas Eve and kept the fetus in a box on her back porch for several days, according to a police report that was unsealed Tuesday.

Jennie L. McCormack, a 32-year-old Pocatello woman and mother of three, will be arraigned next Friday in Idaho's 6th District Court. She is accused of having an unlawful abortion on Christmas Eve last year after police say they found the fetus at her home on Jan. 9.

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WillyJ said...

How sad for the woman and sadder even for the child, who had no option at all.