Friday, April 15, 2011

The Most Enjoyable Thing I've Ever Written

You know Harris, in all seriousness, I knew you weren't a smart guy, but I never guessed how much of an idiot you really were until just now when I got an e-mail from one of the physicians whose name appears on your website.

You actually CONTACTED the hundreds of people you smeared on your website and tried to extort money from them? Over international borders??? You really are a genuine retard. Yours went from a petty, passive fishing scam, waiting for gullible people to patronize your "business"... to attempted (or actual... if anybody actually paid you) international racketeering and extortion in one dopey step with those faxes and e-mails.

And then... THEN!!! You left the contact e-mails of every single one of the people you tried to blackmail right there on your website so that I could contact them. Oh lord, you are so busted.

I just got done filling out my own report to the FBI's IC3 division. Of course, I sent an e-mail message to... oh... about 300 people with whom I happen to have your URL in common and suggested they do the same. I've saved copies of your websites on my computer for the investigation of course.

You do realize this actually could mean THE REST OF YOUR LIFE IN PRISON, right? 300-or-so counts of international wire fraud? Ho. Lee. Shit.

Oh, please-please-please make sure you blame only me for what happens to you. I don't want anybody else to get the credit for this.

CLICK HERE to read the original post on this subject.

If you were listed on Harris Black's "" website, and then subsequently were contacted by somebody claiming to represent either "" or "", I highly recommend you contact the FBI at and submit a complaint. It's quick and easy. If you are in Canada, you can also contact the FBI, or you can contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's fraud department at

Additionally, if you would like to contact the Thai authorities, click (link opens in new window) to go to the Thai police's cyber crime report page. Once you get to this page, select the fourth menu item on the left (3 below the "tan" top selection). Once you click on that, the form will appear. For the pulldown menu in the first box, select the first option. In the second box, type "". In the third box type your complaint. (You might also want to mention that Harris Black lives in the condo called "View Talay 6" between Soi 9 and Soi 10, between Second and Beach Roads in Central Pattaya, and you might also want to mention that in addition to the crimes he is committing online, he has an outstanding arrest warrant in Canada for a rape there, and he has also been in Thailand since August of 2007 without renewing his visa.


shlosha banim said...

For the record, Harris' own family are decent people and completely disgusted by his unlawful and repugnant behavior. If you are serious about getting the law after him, let us know, and we would finance the endeavor. None of us would shed a tear for him if he landed up in jail after the hurt and harm he has caused so many innocents. Harris had all our love and support for many years, but we cannot stand by and watch him hurt and extort so many innocents. Jail is where he belongs. On behalf of my family (Harris' siblings and parents) I apologize for his repugnant behavior and want all to know that his family pities all his victims and would rejoice if he ends up in jail where he belongs.

Jil Wrinkle said...

All we need is Harris' address in Thailand. The local authorities can handle the rest.

scruffy dog photography said...

this lowlife tried to scam me this morning. not sure how my photography business rated ... but i certainly didn't fall for it.

did my bit ... spent 20 mins filling out the FBI IC3 report. lord knows if it'll do any good.

Gary said...

Good work people! Both Harris' websites are down.
Fastmediate & complainonline are down...hopefully forever.