Sunday, April 10, 2011, The New Harris Black Scam

Pattaya's least intelligent con-man, convicted sex offender, Harris Black, still hasn't learned his lesson that crime doesn't pay. His newest scam is (no link... don't want to move it up from it's zero Google page rank).

What does is publish fictitious and slanderous complaints about people and companies. Then, if you are one of those companies or people and ask to have the slander and lies taken down, you are told by Harris, in essence, "We aren't involved in checking the truth behind any complaints published on our website. If you want the complaint taken down, we have contracted with a 'third party moderator' whom you can hire to judge the truth of the complaint, and if they say we should take the complaint down, we'll take the complaint down."

Then the victim is directed to another fake company owned by Harris Black called, with a fictitious New York City address, whom the victim then pays to have the slander against him "investigated" and removed.

Harris managed to post several hundred complaints by scamming a bunch of people on Craigslist to create accounts on his complainonline website, promising to pay them $10 per complaint they put up, and then of course never paying a penny. (See here for all the complaints lodged against and Harris Black by the people he suckered.)

Of course, what Harris is too thick to realize is that his whole scam is a huge waste of his time: In the end, Harris' site has a page ranking of "zero" on Google, which means that anything he puts up on the site winds up ranked below any other site with a page ranking of 1 or higher. The several hundred doctors' whom he accused of malpractice... and day care centers he accused of child sexual abuse... they will never even notice their names on his site because of the dozens of professional sites and listings that already have those business' names on them which push Harris' complainonline results to just this side of oblivion on Google. (A quick glance through Google for both "Arya Restaurant", one of Harris' targets, and the name of one of the doctors he accuses of malpractice, showed no pages within the first 20 pages of results.)

And, for those tiny few that do happen to notice these silly, unbelievable complaints about them, hopefully they will take the time to google and, and see this article I've written, and realize that the whole thing is a scam.

A stupid scam... a pointless scam... a worthless scam... and thus nothing but a typical Harris Black scam... but still a scam.

Jil Wrinkle, Crime Watch, reporting!

(By the way, a good quote from my comments section comes to mind: "Opening an online business? Revenge is a dish best served cold."


If you were listed on Harris Black's "" website, and then subsequently were contacted by somebody claiming to represent either "" or "", that is wire fraud, a federal crime. I highly recommend you contact the FBI at and submit a complaint. It's quick and easy. If you are in Canada, you can also contact the FBI, or you can contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's fraud department at

Additionally, if you would like to contact the Thai authorities, click (link opens in new window) to go to the Thai police's cyber crime report page. Once you get to this page, select the fourth menu item on the left (3 below the "tan" top selection). Once you click on that, the form will appear. For the pulldown menu in the first box, select the first option. In the second box, type "". In the third box type your complaint. (You might also want to mention that Harris Black lives in the condo called "View Talay 6" between Soi 9 and Soi 10, between Second and Beach Roads in Central Pattaya, and you might also want to mention that in addition to the crimes he is committing online, he also has an outstanding arrest warrant in Canada for rape, and he has also been in Thailand since August of 2007 without renewing his visa.


Gary said...

Way-to-go Jil! Thanks for revealing the skinny on Harris Black.

Harris Black Watch

Dan said...

As of today 5/2/11 the 2 websites and appear to have been taken down by the service provider.