Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daily Report: Stupid College Tricks

I went to State College of Florida's get-to-know-us presentation on their Radiography program, which I'm interested in taking. I might actually have trouble being accepted to the program: 10 years of working in the medical industry? Don't even consider it. The fact that 20 years ago I was a "B" student in college while working on degrees in Economics, Business, and Statistics? Of utomost importance. "B" is the cutoff GPA for accepting students.

Not to smart in retrospect: When I was in college, I used to take 18 or 21 credit hours per semester... my normal courseload, plus I threw in French, German, and Portuguese, plus piano performance classes, which I did because enjoyed them... like my passtime: They were free and fun. Why not right? I didn't bust my ass on those courses though and they brought my GPA down... but I graduated with almost 200 credits in 10 semesters of college. (Triple major, triple minor, me.)

Well, I'll try anyway... hopefully I get in to this radiography program. It's a 3-year associates degree.

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