Friday, February 25, 2011

Daily Report: Shuttle Launch

I drove across the state of Florida today to watch NASA's Discovery STS-133 take off from Cape Canaveral. Fantastic thing to do once... and you've only got 2 more chances to see a shuttle lift off. (After that, you'll have to settle for watching standard rockets going up.)

I got video... but it's tough video to take: You're zooming in over 12 miles... and the shuttle moves up so fast it's really hard to stay zoomed in and keep a good picture. (Add to that the fact that I had 2 videos going and was snapping away with a camera too.)

To top it all off, I missed the first seconds of the launch: A guy next to me was using the internet to count down, thinking that it was real time. Nope: He said the countdown was at 2 minutes when somebody said, "Oh! There it goes!" So it was just as the shuttle started going up that I hit record, instead of when the countdown reached "10" like I had hoped.

Also, I do have to say: Video and photos do not compare remotely to the real thing. The huge bright flames; the scale, height, speed, and distance of the launch; the low, almost-subsonic sound... it's all too impressive in real life to be captured adequately on film.


Anonymous said...

yep nothing you can ever see on video is the same as being there. looks like u had a good viewing spot. having had the pleasure of seeing 2 day launches and a night launch, it is incredible. when i saw it from about your distance i was in awe. but even from 30 miles away another daytime launch was really cool.

the best time tho had to be back in college. we were at the only gentlemen's club in cocoa beach as i remember, and since it was a rare night launch at the appointed hour, the whole club emptied into the parking lot, and we watched in sheer awe as it got as bright as daylight for more than a few minutes. and we were 10-15 minutes away! that had to be a sight, half clothed strippers and guests all with drinks in hand standing there looking on in awe in the light of an artificial sun.

and no strippers don't look any better in an artificial sun.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice the woman with the apricot top standing on the pier in the last photo?

Jungle Jil said...

The one with the American-sized butt?