Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Fine Example Of American Expatrioteness

The American, Clarence Bruce Beach, who is a resident of the village, allegedly pointed a 45 caliber pistol with an open hammer at the complainant, Mrs. Daisy Rizon, who is also a resident of the village, and threatened to kill her and the supposed dog that belonged to her daughter.

Beach allegedly had a prior altercation with the dog of Kristin Aballe, the daughter of Mrs Rizon, and he declared that he was going to kill the dog. He was allegedly walking his mongrel dogs when the German Shepherd Dog of Mrs. Aballe reacted to the presence of such dogs and attacked the American’s dogs.
I would like to point out that this is the kind of situation where your Filipina wife can come in very handy: Instead of reaching for your gun (okay: your "wife's" gun — we know the drill), you go to your wife and tell her that if she doesn't go and find a solution to this problem you are having with these other people, you are going to wind up in jail.

Chances are, your wife already knows that you are a stupid and psychotic twat (since that kind of thing tends to be hard to hide), and she will believe what you are saying and will make every effort under the sun to stop your problem... and your idiocy... from happening.

Obviously this advice is a little late for Mr. Beach now; but I doubt that his world will get any less annoying in the future — nor his disposition any closer to adult and/or civilized — so he may want to file it away for future reference.


Chetumaire said...

No bias in that report: "mongrel dogs" vs. "German Shepherd Dog". I'd say he probably went over there with a pistol, just in case the dog attacked again, to tell the lady to mind her dog. That's were the story grew legs.

So anyway, why are you so anti American these days ? Sad.

Jungle Jil said...

Anti-American? I'm anti-idiot with an illegal firearm (foreigner + gun is always illegal here), whose skin happens to be the same color as mine, walking through neighborhoods terrorizing people and getting their name in newspapers for all the wrong reasons.

I wouldn't think you would be that short-sighted as to think it had anything to do with nationality, Chetumaire. If it was a Brit or a German, I would have written the same thing.

Besides, there happens to be an eyewitness post about this on the CDO Expats Yahoo Group from another foreigner who was there, and he basically said, if anything, that the guy was much more unhinged and potentially violent than what the newspaper was kind enough to limn.

Anonymous said...

the guy is not too bright,as he doesn't know:
the american is always going to be wrong,even if he is right.The guy should know that and run away.Pulling out the weapon in self-defense ONLY.
don't believe anything you hear on a chat group.don't believe anything you read in a filippine newspaper.and do not believe anything you hear about an incident involving a foreigner in the filippines.
Give the american the benefit of the doubt,ex-pats are never right and treated like SHIT when it comes to anything to do w/a filipino/a.
Equal rights before the law doesnt exist in the filippines.the american should know that and act accordingly.laugh and walk away,if they follow,have a witness!
The american might be an idiot,but anyone who thinks the american will be treated equally before the law in the filippines,well,DUH!

Jungle Jil said...

Based on my experience... both in writing this blog here in The Philippines (here and blog in Thailand (see "stupid tourists"), when it comes to foreigners showing up in newspapers for being idiots, it's usually pretty accurate.

Mike Farrell over on the Yahoo CDO Expats Group made a pretty accurate observation:

In my fourteen years in CDO, I have observed that almost always, an ex-pat negatively cited in a newspaper report, was an outsider, and NOT a member of the ex-pat "community". Always, upon seeing or hearing a report about a "kano", I question the groups I associate with; "Does anyone know him?" Rarely is it, that anyone does.

There is something I've come to understand about foreigners in The Philippines: A not insignificant number of men move to The Philippines because they have found themselves outcast where they come from... either because of a mental disability/shortcoming or simply because of bad behavior and manners. It isn't surprising that these people eventually wind up in the newspapers for doing things probably very similar to the reason they left for The Philippines in the first place.

It's too bad that people like that just run away from the place and life (and, likely, family) that has become toxic to them instead of getting help. (Even if they do get away... they should still be looking for help here, if they can get it.)

But, like I said, the number of foreigners I have met here who are escaping the social effects of their PTSD, their depression, or their violent tempers, or their social ineptness is not insignificant.

And, as Mike said, those are the people mostly keep to themselves and don't socialize with the rest of the foreigners... and eventually get into trouble.

Anonymous said...

Bad behavior and bad manners?HHHMMM.Do you ever observe the local populace in S.E. Asia?do you ever notice a severe lack of manners?whether waiting in a line at a store(where the native will usually try to nudge you out of the way or try anything he/she can to get in front of you including,but not limited to,pushing/shoving you out of the way)?or an all you can eat buffet?
or how 'bout the way they drive?ever been run off the road and nearly killed on a motorcycle by a native who acts as if he/she didn't see you(most don't even look to see if anyone is there)?and then after almost killing you and your passengers gives you the numb face(no emotion)as if he/she is clueless to your existence or the fact that they never knew you exist,despite damm near ending your life if you weren't a gr8t driver??
PLEASE, if rudeness were a criminal offense/disease,S.E. Asia would have more people in jail than it does on the strrets and an epidemic beyond aids would be rampaging its way across the continent.they treat each other and foreigners like shit and the only people who notice are foreigners who,if they did it in there own country would get killed,because they are not used to it.
Staying away from ex-pats(many who are only in S.E. Asia for the lack of drunk driving laws!) and minding your own business and keeping your business to yourself(not putting it on-line for all to see!)can be a smart thing to do.I am sure you could think of at least two ex-pats who put his personal business on-line in a foreign country for all to see was sorry he did.
the above mentioned psychoanalysis(inaccurate as it may/may not be) has exactly what to do with Americans being treated fairly by the natives/press and crimminal justice system in S.E.ASIA?

Anonymous said...

i suspect a strong minority of the expats living in Philippines are intolerant and mal-adjusted to life in the Philippines. They moved to the Philippines, because they were mal-adjusted to life in their home country. It just takes an incident to bring out the worst!!