Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Wife Is Beautiful

She's also one of the friendliest, most gentle, humble people I've ever known. She cares for me and loves me as much as my mother does. She makes me smile and laugh as much as any friend I've ever had. She's passionate and alluring and has made all of my dreams and fantasies come true.

I'm the luckiest guy I know when it comes to finding the perfect wife.


Anonymous said...


PAD said...

Hi Jil
Well, if your wife is all you said about her, you dont need to look for another someone...
and she is very Beautiful indeed!

well do you keep practicing Aikido after leaving pattaya?
I do Aikido for other 30 years and plan a trip in Thailand next year.

enjoy your life (Iam sure you do)

Anonymous said...

With all do respect she is Hot!

from Jakal

Anonymous said...

Hi Jil,
Could you teach me how to install photoshop in my computer?

Holly from Silicon Valley,CA.