Friday, August 13, 2010

Thoughts On That "Ground Zero Mosque"

As I'm sure you've heard, it's not just a mosque, it's a community center. It's not on Ground Zero, it's 2 blocks (a long way in crowded Lower Manhattan) to the North. And, just as a note, I used to walk through that area every day on my way home from work and it is the most run-down, blighted section of Lower Manhattan there is. Some community development would be helpful there.

Now, some facts:

1. There already is a mosque in Lower Manhattan. It just so happens it is about 2 blocks away to the South of Ground Zero. I don't hear anybody complaining about that.

2. There already is a mosque in The Pentagon, the other site of the 9-11 attacks. I don't hear anybody complaining about that.

3. The guy who is going to be in charge of this community center was America's representative to the Islamic world and Islamic faith at various times throughout President Bush Jr's 8 years in office, but now he's being called a radical... and as usual this is all Obama's fault anyway.

4. Remember the first ammendment of the U.S. Constitution: All these politicians, who are responsible for upholding the Constitution, who are going on television and talking about how they are going to stop the community center, are treading a very thin line. More importantly, whatever they are telling you they can do: They are lying. There isn't a governmental body in this country that can stop a building from being built because it is being built by Muslims.


Anonymous said...

Politically, they'll get credit for pissing up a rope.

Mike Farrell

Anonymous said...

Sure, we'll build a nazi monument in Auschwitz too. Same thing.

Don B said...

man i hate to say it but this guy is probably right. it is all about respect.

Newt said...

It is idiocy to associate the religion of Islam with the violence perpetrated by Al Qaeda.

I was raised as a Roman Catholic...I suppose I could be persecuted for the violent insanity caused by Church leaders during any of the Roman Inquisitions.

I'm glad President Obama has spoken out in support of religious freedom, and against religious discrimination [although he does mince his words...he is hoping to be reelected, I think].

I laugh at politicians like US Senator Cornyn (Texas), who said "this is not about freedom of religion, because we all respect the right of anyone to worship according to the dictates of their conscience..." What Cornyn left unsaid is the SUBTEXT "EXCEPT for you need to sit down & shut up."

It's enough to make a person think they aren't praying to the same God...

Just my 2 cents.

Ken, southern California, USA

P.S., in reply to Anon2 above... Hitler's mother was Catholic, his father was most likely a non-practicing Catholic. Hitler himself was most likely a non-practicing Catholic/Christian. In the town of Auschwitz, Poland, the THREE closest "churches" to the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum are all Catholic. The closest Synagogue is across the Sola river, to the NNE.

Anonymous said...

Newt, the Roman Inquisitions were, what, roughly 400, 500 years ago? We live in the present. We at least have evolved.