Thursday, August 12, 2010

Daily Report: Various Notes On Mundane Stuff

Tyson finally figured out that he could jump the 5-foot fence if he wanted to. So far, he has only done it once... when I left without taking him with me. Ever since then, I've had him put on a leash before walking out.

Cignal TV finally added a proper high-definition version of ESPN. I may only be one of perhaps 10 people who loves the fact that it plays nothing except Yankees games... but what a fantastic picture.

Work is going great. I went from averaging 700 lines per day to 1,700 lines per day. I've more than doubled my income in the process. The bills will be all caught up this Saturday.

I didn't have a drink of alcohol in 3 days, and only one drink last night and one drink last Sunday... a vodka tonic each time. I'm not feeling better by abstaining from alcohol, but thankfully I am not feeling worse. I was worried that I had drank so much over the past 10 years on a daily basis that going without would be a problem physically or mentally... it isn't. (I've mostly been drinking root beer, which claims to not have caffeine in it.)


Mom said...

What good news! That's quite an increase in lines per day. And your bills will be caught up by this Saturday! Yes!
Keep up the good work with limiting the alcohol and caffeine.

Jim Cunningham said...

Hi Jil with your new found effort and less drinking maybe you will be able to save a little of your salary for a rainy day.

Anonymous said...


Speaking of mundane stuff... while I was reading a novel recently I came across this word - "verisimilitudinous". So without looking it up did you know the meaning of this word? I will admit - I did not (although based on the context of the sentence I could figure it out). I know how much you like new words so thought I would send this out to you. Take care,


Jungle Jil said...

Well, I know "verisimilitude" has to do with the truth... oh... I just looked again... it is the appearance of being truthful, or resembling honesty.

paolo said...

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