Monday, August 2, 2010

Lost Da Fashizzle.

My days as a putative drug kingpin (and several other rather more unsavory metiers of crime) are over: The anonymous slander on has gone down the memory hole.

I get to keep my tongue-in-cheek rejoinder about impecunious second graders though. I must have amused the website overlords.


Anonymous said...

Very sad that the internet is such a source of miss use, abuse and wasted use.

Even sadder are those who who enjoy it and live for it and nothing else.

I enjoyed your humorous and flippant handling of the garbage.

Jungle Jil said...

It's just another example of trolling.

Ranting and bitching about it are exactly what the trolls hope for. If you choose to ignore it, then the trolls just figure that means they haven't done enough to cause you to rant and bitch yet... or they go around on the internet and say, "Why has't he ranted and bitched about this yet? Is it because it's true?"

Anonymous said...

JW: Not over yet. The cache on google still has plenty on you and I'm uncovering other sites to put you down. I'm sure your mates from high school and beyond will gasp. That's all I hope for.