Monday, August 2, 2010

Daily Report: Back To Work


I took the day off yesterday, sleeping in after staying out until 2 a.m. I had hoped to do something fun with my day off, but wound up frittering it away on TV and couch potatodom. (I wanted to go swimming in the morning, but Epril said, "It's too early." So I plopped down in front of the TV. In the early evening, Epril wanted to go swimming, and I said, "It's too late.")

I asked my work supervisor to start posting "individual team member statistics" in her daily e-mail, so that I could see how I am doing compared to the other 49 people who work in the same group I do. Last week, I did 15% more work than the second-best person, and at least 30% more than the third, fourth, and fifth-best, and at least 40% ahead of the other 45 people.

My company finally has come up with a tool that lets supervisors know how much time we employees actually spend working. You would think that they would have had a way to measure that kind of thing decades ago, but the truth was one could clock in as much time as one wanted, do as little work as one wanted, and there was no way to measure the disparity... at least in an automated way.

That's a mixed bag for me. I've never had the mental stamina to put in 40 hours of actual transcription in a week before: not in 9 years that I can remember. I now usually work between 28 and 33 hours per week. But, if I do find that additional stamina — which I suppose I will have to — I'll certainly be getting paid a lot more for doing a lot more. So crack that whip, Corporate Overseers!

I've been taking Tyson for walks at night without a leash. There aren't people walking around, and barely any vehicles on the streets. He does just fine, gets 50 times as much exercise as compared to just lumbering along at my pace, and when we get back to the house, he goes right back inside the gate without any problem. He's really a good dog, if an arrant rascal.

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