Sunday, August 1, 2010

Daily Report: Tripartite Birthday Party

This evening was the cotillion party for my friend Warren's sister-in-law, Jolimae... also known as Bing. Since Warren's birthday was last week, and his wife's birthday is also very close, it was decided to hold a 3-way birthday party at the ballroom of the Hotel Conchita.

Epril, older sister Susan, and all of Jen's other friends were there.

Obviously, lots of picture taking as the ladies were all looking fabulous in their evening wear.

Myself, Warren, and Dave standing around chatting and waiting for the party to start (marked by the arrival of the debutante).

Epril and I post for a snapshot. Like my tie?

Warren and Jen's daughter Tash was looking like quite the little princess this evening.

Jency and Kevin Young, and Jneth were there as well.

Gloria and Dave Edwards in attendance.

Warren and his son Max.

Debutante Jolimae arrives.

Birthday celebrants Warren and Jen had a table up front as well.

Jency Young provided some songs on her guitar.

Jolimae joins the girls for a photo.

Jolimae and her escort for the evening.

Epril poses with the birthday cake.

The girls take a break on the dance floor to pose for a photo.

Jolimae and her father.

Jolimae, her father, and her female relatives.

Myself and the three birthday celebrants.

After the party ended, we all went to Zax for some late night music, drinking, and dancing. (I almost drank too much!)


Anonymous said...

Why are filipinas enthralled with red lipstick? every one of the girls appears to be wearing bright red lipstick....only color available there?

Jungle Jil said...

Well, first it isn't "every one" of the girls... but you're right that it is more than perhaps you would find with an American group of girls.

Second, more importantly, I think that Filipina girls wear darker lipstick on average because they have darker skin than white girls. You could say the same thing about lipstick choices with Africans or Indians.

Third, night-time makeup usually tends towards darker shades than daytime makeup, and makeup for formal occasions is more vibrant than those for casual occasions. That's true no matter what society or race.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, guess so. Another thing I noticed is some of the ladies like to show off their cleavage. Way too much in a few cases....

Jungle Jil said...

Hmm... aside from one possible exception, I don't see any immodest dresses in any of these photos. Nobody is on the verge of "overflowing" their bodices.