Friday, July 30, 2010

20 Photos: Walking The Back Road To The In-Laws


charish said...

What a beautiful area.....I wish I could afford to fly there to visit. Just to have the experience woul dbe amazing. It is sad that I would have to pay 1500-2000 to fly there but to say and enjoy myself would be so little. Someday I will. Until I will visit through your pictures. thank you for sharing.

Jungle Jil said...


Actually, I think that ticket prices for USA to MNL are coming down close to $1100 or so, if you shop around for a deal. That plus local transportation to and from CDO is another $200.

Don B said...

i love the pic of the school girls in their matching uniforms. and some great scenery for sure.

Jungle Jil said...


I like that photo because of the bright colors. The pink backpacks are something that is a "must have" for every schoolgirl that age. My little sister Dimple gets a new "Barbie" backpack every year.

My favorite photo in this set is of the young girl in the traditional dance costume standing in front of her house. These photos were taken at about 7:30 in the morning, and she was on her way out to a school recital.

My favorite landscape photo is of the path next to the river among the trees. It was so quiet there and my camera really didn't capture the moment nearly as perfectly as it actually appeared to my eyes.

Don B said...

Some of those landscape pics look like they could have come right out of "Apocalypse Now". Oh yeah wait, actually "Apocalypse Now" was filmed there, lol.