Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daily Report: Concession

I didn't do much in the morning, except blogged and read a bit. I do enjoy blogging: It's part diary, part thought exercise, part travelogue, part soapbox. I remember when I first started blogging 6 years ago... I was so surprised to find out that people (other than my mother) were reading what I was writing. I really do this only for myself and my own entertainment. (And posterity: I wonder how long these words will remain engraved on the underbelly of the internet? Possibly forever?)

In the early afternoon, Epril and I went to Attorney Carreon's house for a post-election let-down party. Attorney was an also-ran independent candidate for Vice-Mayor of Jasaan, who placed a respectable third with about a quarter of the vote. While there, I talked with various other local grandees about my business plans, and they agreed to see what introductions could be made on my behalf.

From Attorney's house, Epril and I rode a Jeepney to Cagayan De Oro. First was lunch at McDonald's — their $1 Value Meals are great for those of an impecunious nature. (I had two.)

After that, it was off to the ATM where, lo and behold, the computer systems were down between The Philippines and Chase Manhattan... I promptly withdrew $1,000. Yes: I'm overdrawn as can be. But, really it's a bit of an emergency with my work (and income) being suspended; my money problems are for the time being assuaged... or delayed, depending on how you look at it. I doubt Chase Manhattan will look kindly on my underhanded sublation of cash and will retaliate as expected, but maybe if they are readers here, they'll at least take such action perfunctorily. (Of course... I know it will just be some computer program assigning blame and amercing my guilt; nobody within the marble halls of my large bank even took notice.)

From the ATM, Epril and I went to various motorcycle stores to find a replacement for the foot peg gear change lever of the gentleman's motorcycle I damaged 2 days ago. I found a replacement part — but not stock — for $1.75. No stock parts were available, but the Honda dealer said that one could be had for $5.50 in 3 weeks. I'll offer the substitute part to the fellow and additionally offer to order the genuine article as well, should he desire it.

Next, Epril and I wandered around Limketkai sampling a couple of the food stalls. (All kinds of meals/snacks there in the 25-to-50-cent range.) Then, we went and watched Iron Man 2 at the theater. The Limketkai movie theaters are simply bad (I'll have to remember): The projector bulb was too dim; the sound was muffled; the theater seats were rickety; the snack counter selection was nothing; the decor was shabby. And the bathrooms: just imagine the dirtiest public restroom you've personally ever experienced — this was just as bad. On the up side, the movie was $2 per ticket... albeit the cost at every theater in the country.

The movie was okay though... if blunted by the movie-going experience.

After that, at about 9 p.m., it was a jeepney back to Jasaan.

(Because my mother wondered: I didn't overdraw my bank account by $1,000. I had my most recent paycheck deposited last Friday, plus my account has a bit of overdraw to rely on. I probably overdrew by a few hundred dollars, and that will be filled back in partly by the small paycheck I have coming in another 9 days. After I get back to work, I'll get my accounts back in shape.)

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Mike said...

50 peso for movies in Butuan.. and the theater isnt too bad... though the snack choices are ok .. the service is slower than molases in january. Maybe you should check into networking.. i have one that is the most economical to start, its a philippine company with natural products. ... Send me an email to let me know what you think?