Monday, May 10, 2010

Daily Report: Rainy Election Day

Ednel, Epril, and Susan ready to vote.

Tyson wants to go too.

Lots of people at the school.

Everybody got purple fingers.

Afterwards, I saw the world's largest
There was a steady rain falling today in Jasaan. Great: We needed the rain; Mindanao's hydroelectric system needed the rain.

It was also election day here. I tagged along to watch the process. We went to the nearby elementary school and Epril and her sisters got a number... like the deli. There was a 2-hour wait, so we went off to have some lunch.

After coming back, the voting took place in a classroom. First, the voting list had the voter's photo and a copy of their thumb print and signature with the registrar. The voter then signed again and put their thumb print with the balloter. Then they sat at desks and filled out the kite-sized ballot, and when finished fed it into the finicky-but-functioning optical scanner.

I stood at the open window to the classroom and asked the balloter if I could take pictures of my wife receiving her ballot and voting. "Sure! I'll give you a big smile!" So I started snapping away. Then a poll monitor came over and said, "I'm sorry sir. Photos are not allowed." So, I deleted all the photos I had taken of the polling room.

After that, it was over to Mamma's house for a while, and then back home for a night in front of the TV. Then, upstairs where I finally finished the book, "Sarum".


Teacher Phil said...

Those bananas are plantains. Don't you eat them?

Jungle Jil said...

I figured that was what they were. The word was in my head, but I wasn't sure if that was what they were; I'm not highly knowledgeable on fruits and vegetables (or trees or flowers). Epril just said, "Wow, big bananas," when the fellow walked by. I've tried them before and don't care for them much... a bit on the bland side.

Teacher Phil said...

You have to cook plantains, otherwise it's like eating potatoes raw ;-)

Jungle Jil said...

Yes. I think that they sauté them here and add a bit of sugar.