Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daily Report: Epanorthosis

I let myself down today.

I stayed in bed until 3:00 this afternoon surfing the internet, playing the Civilization IV video game, and that's about it.

In the late afternoon I finally got up and walked Tyson. Then it was out to the market: I wanted to by the fixins to make some tapioca pudding with Ednel, but there was no vanilla extract to be found in town so it will have to wait. Instead, we made some chicken soup.

I sat around and watched The History Channel all evening. The bulb on my big-screen TV is dying. (My television is smart enough to know this, and puts up warnings every time I turn it on.) The Sony store told me it would cost 14,000 pisos to replace: about $320. Gah. That'll have to wait.

My computer will... should... be here on the 19th. I hope I hope I hope.

Tomorrow I'll try to be more active.

Oh...and bonus video for The Mottern Family... Tyson's biggest fans.


kris said...

You haven't had that tv for that long, have you? Gee, hope the stroke of bad luck ends soon.

Jungle Jil said...

It's about 2 years old, but it is on probably 10-12 hours per day... it gets watched in shifts. Susan and Ednil in the morning, Epril midday, and I watch in the evening.

Jeff Kinz said...

Hi Jil.
Been reading your blog for some time and enjoying the stories about the RP as well as your commentary on the political sphere. I think your comments are pretty much spot on. You're clearly an intelligent person. [You must be. After all - You the same opinions as I.... ;-) ]

The pictures are great. Its really nice to have a more personal and candid peek at your area.
Its not a candid, but of your latest set, I especially liked roan_beach_2.jpg.

I have two daughters in modeling so I've inadvertently begun paying attention to, and learning about what makes a good professional quality level photography. The roan_beach_2.jpg shot you did of the ladies is nicely composed and lit. In my admittedly non-professional opinion, you have another potential revenue source wielding a camera. [Or maybe I'm just being affected by the subject. :) ]

I was a developer at Dragon Systems during the creation of Dragon Naturally Speaking, so I may have contributed to some the tools used to do the automated transcription for your company. Or they may be using the ViaVoice libraries. There aren't very many choices for that capability. I hope you continue to explore the possibilities in that direction. Please feel free to ask me anything you want about Speech recognition. I'd enjoy contributing to your effort. You can contact me at . Note - the j at the end of the first part of the email address there is not a typo.

Be well,

Jungle Jil said...

Hi Jeff,

Yes... I enjoy photography. It's fun and the Philippines has lots of good subjects to shoot.

If you haven't seen them yet, I am a bit proud of my "40 photos in 40 minutes" posts that I did a while back.