Monday, March 29, 2010

Dumb Boys Here?

I was just at Dimple's end-of-the-school-year award ceremony. Dimple got a "top 10" award for her class, and took fouth place in poetry.

Here was the thing I noticed though: There were quite literally as many awards given out as there were students in each grade. However, if it weren't for awards for playing basketball, or participating in Boy Scouts, barely any male received an award.

Out of several hundred scholastic awards given out, less than 10 went to boys. Only two boys were in the top 10 academically in any of the 5 grades... 48 girls, 2 boys.

What the hell is going on? Is this typical for the entire country? How terribly skewed do gender roles have to be such that, in essence, almost every female in a school outperforms almost every male? Is the message that boys are receiving so massively different than that of girls that the educational difference can grow to be so great? Are they doing it to themselves or are their parents assisting in cultivating this gender-specific academic failure?

And, most importantly: Don't the teachers give a shit? Are they even trying to reach the boys and pull them out of this anomie?

Something needs to be done.


JD said...

My girlfriends almost 7 year old son graduated from 1st grade. I searched the internet for a list of things a 1st grader should be able to do and of the 40 items on the list he could not perform! He can't...write his name, say the alphabet, tie his shoes, count to 100, no idea about addition or subtraction, left from right, does not know what a map is let alone find the Philippines, difference between alive an not alive things, parts of a flower, days of the week, tell time, needless to say he can't read. But with that said...welcome to the 2nd grade and good luck. In addition he has no manners, no please or thank you, he eats like an animal, hygiene is unbelievably bad...I found crap on the floor last week. He has been living with his Nanay who provides no discipline. He has moved in with me and my girlfriend over the school break and life is different in the American's home. He's a little afraid of me and that's a good thing. I try not to constantly complain about the Philipinnes, but every day I learn something new that absolutely amazes me...sometimes good sometimes bad.

Jungle Jil said...

I really suspect that the attitude of the educational branch of government in The Philippines is as follows:

(1) They have to provide the education, but the results and the retention do not have to be measured or considered.

(2) The teaching of any sort rational and/or critical thought skills is not necessary. Rudimentary philosophical reasoning, logic and rationalizations skills are not necessary. Rote learning, facts, figures, recording of results, repetition of details is the only focus.

(3) Motivation, encouragement, time and study discipline are a responsibility falling primarily to parents and community. Morals, behavior, Christian faith, and values are the primary responsibility of the school.