Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daily Report: Thai Me Up

I had a good but short day of work today, calling it quits in the early afternoon.

After that, I took Tyson for a walk. Then Epril and I went in to CDO to meet Warren and play some pool and go out to dinner. (Jen was out of town, so it was just the three of us.)

First, we went to Limketkai and bought my father-in-law a new watch for his birthday at the silver shop.

After that, we went with Warren to what seems to be the only pool hall (with air conditioning) left in all of CDO called Jim Jam. It's actually a fantastic little place with only 2 tables on the second floor... but it is exceptionally comfortable, quiet, and the pool tables are only marginally crappy. (But I'm finicky about that in ways that other people probably are not.)

After that, it was off to dinner at the new Thai restaurant in town called Thai Me Up. I had some tom yung kung soup which was passable if a bit varied from the original, and some flat noodles with chicken which was about 90% correct as compared to what you find with the street vendors in Thailand. (And the price was not bad either: $4 for the soup and $2.50 for the noodles.) Warren had a green curry, which was very good, and only $2.50. Epril had a pork yellow curry which was also very tasty, if only generally similar in taste to the dishes that they serve in Thailand, and also $2.50. We also had spring rolls and some deep fried squid.

From there, we went back to Warren's house where he gave me two jars of "Chicken Tonight" which he brought back from Australia. Oh, I love that stuff. Then, he loaned me his motorcycle with which to drive home... which was nice, saving us the time in the jeepney, or the taxi fare.

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