Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daily Report: A Turnaround May Be Brewing

I overslept a bit today: bad sleep last night. I don't know why, but I just kept waking up over and over again.

Dave from Kimaya stopped by for coffee this morning, and we had a chat, which was nice. We talked about plans and he has some good ideas. We also watched a parade go by: It's apparently Womens Month here in Jasaan... awareness of domestic violence, equal rights, education, health, et cetera.

Work was another flop today. I spent most of my time sending text messages back and forth with Warren and various people we want to do business with. We've got a final price on the generators we want to import, but now have to figure out whether the market can handle a shipment or not. We certainly don't want to import 200 generators and then have them wind up sitting in a warehouse. I'm sending my right-hand-man Kerko into CDO tomorrow to assess the "generator market" and see what he discovers.

In the evening, I just messed around on the laptop, playing "Sid Meiers Civ IV". It's just a relaxing game for me... a true time waster. Just wander around and explore, build some farms and roads, maybe get into a war... and then three or four hours are gone.

The pizza restaurant sold back at its' previous level tonight... almost 20 pizzas, which is a surprise. Perhaps the flyers are doing their job? Maybe it was a fluke. We'll see.

Epril went out to a vigil tonight. In the Philippines, when somebody dies, the deceased is usually brought back to the family house for 2 or 3 days, and then a tent is set up for a vigil. People stop by and (from what I've seen) pay their respects, or (from what Epril described) have a good time. So the grandmother of a schoolmate of Epril's passed away, and Epril and all her friends have been gathering at the friend's house for the past 2 nights. She has been getting home a little after midnight.

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