Friday, March 12, 2010

Daily Report: Thank Golf Its Friday

Another bad day of work. Our landlord Maggie came over today, and we sat up on the rooftop chatting. The house uses this plastic 300-liter water supply up on the third floor roof that the sun can shine through. What do you get when you have standing water, sunshine, and a bit of bacteria? Yup. That needs to be replaced.

Late afternoon, and it was in to CDO with Epril to see Warren and Jen. From there, the four of us went out to the driving range to hit golf balls. I haven't golfed in 5 years, and probably an average of once every 5 years before that for the last 20 years since graduating from high school. I used to be a fair golfer — under a 10 handicap — when I was a teenager, but those days are long gone. However, I think I do still have my range of motion, and I can still hit the ball a little ways.The driving ranges in the Philippines are a bit fun: You have automatic ball dispensers (as you can see in the photo above), and the armored and shielded guys shagging balls (see inset) are enjoyable targets. Warren hit the guy in the ankle when he shanked a 5-wood along the ground at blazing speed.

(Epril and Jen... BFF!)
After golf, it was over to the pool tables where Warren and I shot pool. I brought my own pool cues in tonight... my prized possessions. I also used to be a good pool player... at least better than I was a golfer. But Warren can shoot pool as well, which is nice. Now I have somebody to play pool with.

After pool, it was off to Sentro restaurant where we saw Bennie and Jane Honeycutt (just back from Thailand) having dinner. Then we sat down and had a nice meal as well. Since I hadn't eaten during the day at all yet, and Friday is always my devil-may-care eat-all-you-can day, I had 2 appetizers (crab wasabi salad and grilled calamari... which I actually shared with everybody), a Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwich, and an order of fish and chips... and a little bit of Epril's bar-be-que ribs... and custard for desert. Now that Town Restaurant is gone, Sentro is my favoritest restaurant in CDO.... 1500 pisos ($32) including tip for dinner for 4 (including my immense dinner and deserts all around) plus bottomless drinks for everybody.

From there, the four of us went over to the center of town in CDO, called The Divisoria, which (as it is every Friday night) was closed off to vehicular traffic, and a night market is set up. We sat down at an open air beer tent and were joined by May Ann and her boyfriend from France. Then, pretty much every Kano in Cagayan De Oro seemed to walk by and stop to have a beer with us.

After that, it was back to Jasaan with driver Chris at about 11:30 p.m.

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