Monday, March 15, 2010

Daily Report: An Outlet For My Powers

Work was modestly better today... up from deplorable to merely deficient.

My landlord's brother-in-law came by today and tore down the ramshackle garage structure in the yard next to our house. Now we are left with a big ugly dirt/gravel spot in the middle of the yard. The pizza restaurant is kind of doing a sore-thumb thing now, where before it kind of fit in with the ramshackleyness of the whole vista.

Mamma cooked a nice lunch of afritada for me today, which was much appreciated. Epril spent the day with her expatriate ladies group feeding hungry kids on the far side of Cagayan De Oro.

The power went out today at 1:00, and I was ready to try out my new generator scheme: Plug the generator directly into a wall outlet and power the entire house. Step one: After the power goes off, switch off the main switch on the fuse box to disconnect the house from the electric supply from outside. Step two: Unplug the refrigerator. Step three: Start the generator. Step four: Plug one end of the double-ended male electric cord into the generator, and another one into the socket in the wall. The entire house is powered again.

(Now I can take down all of those silly cords running all over the house.)

In the evening, I played some Playstation 2, had a pizza, and then went to bed.

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