Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Update On That Shooting From Last Week

There are apparently 2 sets of criminal charges floating around the internet regarding Mike Turner.

One is mentioned in the newspapers, which is the weapons charges that the police were looking into. Those are actually related to another person named Mike Turner from Florida, who has been sitting in jail since 2003 until 2016. How that malicious and easily-verifiable stupidity made it into the newspapers is beyond me. That's the kind of shit that winds up costing people (the dissolute dicks who pass it along, the feckless and callow twits who put it in newspapers, and the hapless victims about whom it is written) their reputations. I think Mike and his attorney should demand a correction and apology on that count.

Another charge floating around is from 18 years ago, relating to cocaine posession, resisting arrest, and driving without a license, which is almost certainly the Mike Turner we know and love. Regardless, to me that sounds more like a night of intense partying that didn't end well, rather than any heavy-duty criminal activity.

Heh. I had a couple of nights back in my 20's that ended with flashing lights and the crackle of a walkie-talkie... Some of the most amusing and memorable nights in my life, in fact. (Ah... Montreal, 1993... what a weekend. It started in a girlie bar with Tom Cruise, and ended with a cell mate named Rocco. It was all equally entertaining.)

Hmm. Now that I think about it, having little things like that in one's past is a sign of character... like scars, or a tattoo that says "I Love Yolanda" yet you can't remember who she is. They are the signs of having experienced the full panoply of life's vicissitudes in all their awful and awesome glory. The fact is, the best of times always live on in our memories... but it's the shitty times that are most likely to leave a mark.

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