Thursday, February 26, 2009

Daily Report(s): Slow Week

Nothing much has happened on Tuesday, Wednesday, or today. Mostly just sitting around, getting some work done... but not much. The movers will be here on Saturday, and we'll hopefully be all moved in by Saturday night... with the finishing touches on Sunday.

My bike should finally be finished tomorrow. Hopefully. I really do need it for this weekend. I'm not complaining really about how long it took to get it fixed, because most of the time I've gone out of the house in the past three weeks, I've come back with big piles of stuff that I couldn't have carried on my motorcycle anyway. Same with driving out to Jasaan too: We always had big armloads of stuff to carry. Now though, I do need it to get around.

On Tuesday night, I called to see if the water was working in the house yet. It wasn't. That was starting to really annoy/worry me, the thought of moving into a house with no water. I sent off a very diplomatically-worded text message to my landlords expressing my "concern over the situation" that had first been brought to their attention a month ago. Subtle. Fortunately, our landlords grasp the concept of subtle, and by Wednesday morning, water was flowing to all three floors of the house.

I halted construction on the bed that I ordered from the furniture maker. He called saying that the bed, the way it is, would not be able to be moved into the master bedroom through any of the currently available doors or windows, and he wanted to make some changes so that it would. Instead of trying to explain, understand, and agree to these changes over the phone, I told him to hold work until I could stand in front of the bed being made and visualize what he was talking about.

So, the house is pretty much all set for the move. Epril and I spent a fair bit of money getting the place set up, but most of the things (aside from the paint, water heaters, and air conditioner) belong to us, and will be with us when we leave. We finally will have pretty much everything we need to furnish a home wherever we may move to. The only things that still need to be purchased are some lamps, a dining room set, and curtains for the master bedroom. (And of course a hundred other little things that we don't realize we need yet.)

Oh: Epril finally watched an Austin Powers movie. With the accents, and all of the America-centric / era-centric / ethno-centric humor: Filipinos don't get it. The visual humor though... she got that.

I've been sleeping like crap lately. I tried replacing my evening alcoholic beverages with juice for a while (spiced up tomato juice is my drink of choice). Giving up my 2 or 3 nightly shots was easy enough to do, but exchanging the calming effect of alcohol for the pick-me-up effect of fruits and vegetables is definitely not conducive to falling asleep... especially when you've spent 20 years using nightcaps to put yourself down. Caffeine-free diet root beer seems to be okay though. I'll probably stick with that.

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Issarat said...

Congrats on the new house and getting water to shower with!