Monday, February 23, 2009

Daily Report: Big Tent

We woke up in our new bedroom at about 8:00 in the morning. Kid Sister Ednil was in the house and she made coffee for me. Other than some cocks crowing, our new neighborhood isn't noisy during the morning hours either. Unfortunately, there was no water in the house for showering.

Uncle Bob showed up at 9:00 with a new electrician in tow. I showed him where I wanted the hot water heaters installed. Then, our new landlords (Jams and Maggie Dumalag are their names) arrived and we went over some bits and pieces about the house that still needed their attention... most importantly (for the tenth time or so), I stressed the fact that there was still no water.

From there, Epril and I caught a Jeepney to the furniture maker where I informed him that the size of the mattress in our bedroom was 60 inches... not 54, as he was designing the bed to accommodate. (I really shudder at what the final pieces are going to look like.) Then, we caught a Jeepney to Limketkai mall, where we had lunch at Shakeys Pizza, which I had not had before. Not too bad.

Then it was off to Balita Marketing, a store which seems to sell primarily plastics: Plastic furniture, plastic padding, plastic tiles, tarps, foam rubber, as well as fabric and bits and pieces of home improvement hardware. We bought what people here in The Philippines call a "Cebu tent" (so you know what to ask for), while we back in the states, I suppose, would call it a pavilion: Four poles holding up a pyramid-shaped canvas roof. It's going to go up on the roof to cover the patio up there, 4 meters by 4 meters... surprisingly inexpensive. Also, Balita Marketing are going to do the upholstery for the couch cushion.

From there, it was back home. I went back to sleep while Epril went out and picked up the foam cushion from Mandaue Foam and dropped it off at Balita, and then got her nails done. There is no doubt about it: The new house is heart-healthy, with two sets of steep stairs to get to my office. Going up and down those stairs all day yesterday was a fair workout... and I'll be getting that workout every day once we move in for good.

I spent most of the evening watching Discovery Channel(s), which reminds me... we haven't gotten the satellite television hooked up yet at the new house.

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