Saturday, March 22, 2008

Daily Report: Home Alone

Epril, Susan, and Ednil left for their home village of Jassan this morning, about 30 miles to the northeast of Cagayan De Oro. They went there so that they could go to church with their mother on Easter Sunday.

Apparently, however, Good Friday is the more important of the two days of Holy Week here in the Catholic Philippines. Easter Sunday is basically the end of the holiday... and it ends after a sunrise mass. Epril, Susan, and Ednil missed celebrating Good Friday (and "Maundy Thursday" before it — I didn't know it was called that) and stayed here with me in Cagayan. They probably didn't want to participate in the pre-dawn walking of the stations of the cross several miles up a really steep hill. (Thank you Mom and Dad, for being Presbyterian.)

I spent the day alternating between work and watching a movie on TV. I cooked a couple of beef patties for lunch.

Morning fog over the Cagayan River.
In the evening, my friend Ross came over, bringing a pizza from Yellow Cab Pizza with him. (I must say, that is some exceptional pizza that they make.) We sat and watched South Park, which Ross really wasn't familiar with. He enjoyed it thoroughly. After that, we watched (I'm sorry to admit) "Jackass 2" on DVD, primarily because it was the only DVD in my paltry collection that either of Ross or I felt compelled to watch (myself because I had not yet watched it). When I left Pattaya, I told Epril she could bring 5 DVDs with her to The Philippines. "Jackass 2" was one that she chose. No sirs, I shall form no opinion about Epril based on that DVD choice, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Have you been to the Pulse(infront of Dynasty court hotel) on Sunday night? There is a showdown(dance contest) at midnight! Something you might want to check it out for a Sunday night outing.
Marissa Flores(expat member) is willing to show you around CDO so your Pataya withdrawal symptoms will be lessen lol!
Nice pictures, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Who is Marissa Flores?

Jil Wrinkle said...

Not sure who she is... but Din above (my landlord) has mentioned her before. I think I've met her at Spooks friday night family buffet once as well.