Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just A Thought On That Weiner Guy

The CNN headline read, in part, that Representative Weiner was "sending lewd photos to women online."

Not really accurate: At this point in time, it would be more accurate to say he was "exchanging some sexy photos with his friends online." That's it.

I don't care how somebody gets their (legal) kicks in their spare time. It's not my business... even if it is my own Congressman. The only people who should have an opinion about a person's (legal) sexual behavior are the people directly involved in that person's (legal) sexual behavior. I only consider it my business when a public official offers, either directly or indirectly, an opinion or regulation or condemnation regarding other people's behavior, and then ignores those opinions or regulations or condemnations in his or her own personal life: Hypocrisy.


Andrew Sullivan makes a good point: Sending pictures isn't the problem; lying about it after getting caught is. I'll agree with that.


In the speed-of-light news cycles these stories tend to have, I will correct myself: (1) The pictures might not have been "sexy"; although unconfirmed, they might have been lewd indeed as Salon says Brietbart has a photo of a disembodied cock that may or may not belong to the Congressman; (2) the photos may not have been "exchanged... with his friends" as one person has stepped forward to say the pictures were unsolicited and unexpected.

I call it as I see it: The disembodied cock photo doesn't sway me much, as it could belong to anybody, but one of the people that Congressman Weiner sent the photo to stepping forward and stating that the "bulge photo", appearing in the middle of a political discussion she was having with the man, "It didn’t make any sense... I figured it must have been a fake." Well that's just a bit slimy.

Like I said: Get your (legal) kicks where you will. But when you randomly interject sexual (or, possibly pornographic) images into somebody's political conversation with you as an elected official, that's sexual harassment... entry level sexual harassment, but still sexual harassment coming from a U.S. Congressman.

My support for the guy is fading fast.

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