Monday, June 6, 2011

Daily Report: Detail Doldrums

This is as boring as it gets.

The new dishwasher didn't have any of that Jet Dry stuff in it, so I filled up the little container on the inside of the door. The next load of dishes came out covered in white spots and nasty powder crap... and every load after that. Unfortunately, putting the Jet Dry into the dishwasher is easy. Getting it out of the dishwasher when you don't want it there is altogether more difficult.

I took the weekend off from watering stuff. There was a big rainstorm on Friday, so I figured no watering for Saturday and Sunday. When I went out to water the flowers on Monday, they were all wilted and almost dead.

I gave myself a haircut... or, more accurately, shaved my head. Heheh: It's funny that back a few years ago, cool-but-balding people like Andre Agassi and Bruce Willis (following Michael Jordan's lead) shaved their heads and managed to sucker a large portion of the male population who wasn't going bald into believing that shaved heads were "stylish" and now bald guys like me fit right in without looking like Neo Nazis.

I bought a 3-pound slab of beef and made roast beef for the first time. I never trusted myself or my equipment enough to take a big expensive piece of meat and throw it in an oven and hope for the best. But it came out fine... about 10% too far past perfectly done, but unmistakably roast beef.

I spent the day lining up some of Epril's paperwork for her visa. The Bubba-Gump project made $4 today... split amongst 4 people. I accidentally deleted the video codecs for my computer and had to reinstall them. Oh: I finally put gas in the car, almost 2 months after Mom and Paul left me with a full tank.

Yup, life is boring. But then it's supposed to be: Epril isn't here, and I have no inclination to go walk on a sunny beach without her, go out to a nice restaurant without her, explore Sarasota's nightlife without her, or meet people and make friends without her. I'm just taking a year off from all that to wait for Epril to arrive. In the meantime I'll watch the grass grow and insist it's fun.


Mom said...

Are you sure you put the jet dry in correctly? I've never heard of your problem before.

Jil Wrinkle said...

It was the same kind of crud that was on the bottoms of the upturned glasses in the old washer before you purchased the new one: White powdery film. But, on plastic and Teflon surfaces (I wash the pans in the dishwasher too), the white stuff was particularly bad.

Yes, of course I put the jet dry in correctly: Open container, pour until full, close container.

Mom said...

Okay. I googled your problem. "Dishwasher leaves white spots on everything. I was using jet dry but it didn't help."

Ans: Just pour about 1/6 a cup or so of white vinegar on your dishwasher door prior to closing and turning on, your dishes will shine. Sounds as if you have extremely hard water, and this will fix your problem!

Yes, Jil. You do have hard water. Try this solution and see if it works. I can't promise anything, but check it out.