Sunday, May 15, 2011

Filed Under WTF: IMF Director Tries To Rape Maid

The director of the International Monetary Fund allegedly/apparently tried to rape a maid in his hotel room in New York City.

Now, I have an imagination. I can generally imagine what it must be like to be any number of powerful people on this planet: what it must feel like, what it must make you realize about yourself. But I really just do not have (thankfully, obviously) a part of my mind that can imagine how being the head of the IMF could allow me think to myself (let alone act upon the thought): "I can just grab some innocent lady and force her to have sex with me. No problem." I imagine most everybody else on this planet probably shares that same imaginative limitation though; I doubt I'm special in that respect.

The one thing I will never grasp about these stories: How is it that certain men can achieve such success and such power and such influence, and then throw it all away over a boner? Really: The head of the god-damn IMF... one of the most powerful bankers on the planet simply ruined his life over a boner.

It just doesn't surprise me anymore, but it is always puzzling.

Well, I suppose when you've attacked untold numbers of women in the past and gotten away with it, you might get a distorted sense of possibility: What the hell is up with the French authorities to be this aware of this man's proclivities to sexually assault people and never did anything about it?

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Steve said...

I often wonder the same, Jil and yes, sometimes this kind of people does incredibly stupid things because of a boner.

In this case though, also do consider Mr Strauss-Kahn is (was?) a serious threat to Mr. Sarkozy. Perhaps this threat was cleverly "eliminated". Benefit of the doubt and all that...