Sunday, May 15, 2011

Daily Report: Blame It On The Weather

I was enjoying watching the clouds roll in. The prospect of a nice soaking rain storm and a bit of thunder and lightning always appeals to me. But when the storm suddenly and violently arrived, I was unprepared: One second, rumbling cloudy skies and a mild gust of wind here and there; the next second, all hell broke lose. I had the back porch "wall of doors" opened and a 30 mile-per-hour blast of wind tore through the house blowing everything that wasn't nailed down three or four feet eastward. First, I ran and closed the "wall of doors" through which a torrent of rain was blasting. Then I rushed through the dining room (where my wet feet wiped out on the tiles setting me on my ass) to the living room to close the windows there, knocking over my book stand and breaking that. Then I rushed to my bedroom and closed those windows. Then to my bathroom where I made to close the window in the shower, grabbing the towel rack to slow my rush and tearing that off the wall. I guess I learned my lesson about blithely looking forward to storms without any preparation.

The power got knocked out, of course. I took the time to go to Walmart and buy three propane lanterns. (They were cheap.) Now, when the big hurricane comes, I'll at least have plenty of light to fall down to.

I finally did some grocery shopping last night. I couldn't stand it anymore: I needed proper meals and peanut-butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches were wearing thin. I went to Walmart at midnight. Third time I've done that and never again: All these scary-looking single ladies do their shopping at midnight and try to strike up conversations with me. No seriously: I'm three for three with that happening.

Anyway, I bought lots of healthy food... not an ounce of fat, more or less.

Uncle Bob is out of town this weekend, across the peninsula visiting my cousin, Doctor Christine, so no cocktail hours. Quiet weekend, all told. Nothing much to report. The weeds are growing.

I finally bought the "Angry Birds" game... the most popular game in the world today. Brilliant stuff. On the whole, I don't find it to be as clever or engaging as "Plants Vs. Zombies" but it is still immensely challenging. It's a lot of fun to see a simple game incorporate adult concepts into an entertaining whole. In Angry Birds, you're using kamikaze chickens to simulate artillery fire against em-bunkered green pigs. Lots of trajectory analysis to get the birds flying just the right angle, plus lots of structure analysis to figure out just where to hit the "bunkers" with the chickens to do the most damage. For $5... really a fun little investment though.


Brunty said...

I was watching the golf coverage at The Players Championship and the storm stopped play for about 4 hours.

One stage you could hardly see a few metres because of the rain and apparently 40 knot winds.

At least you will be better prepared for the next storm.

It would have been good video action for Funny Videos watching all that, not for you but for us and they pay good money for that sort of footage :)

Mom said...

There are a couple of small lantern-type battery operated lights in the laundry room. We got them when there was a big storm expected. Guess we forgot to tell you about them. Oops.
Did the power come on by the time your work was about to start?

Jil Wrinkle said...

I knew about those lights, but they are not very strong for a long power outage: You could not read by them for example. Good enough to get me from my bedroom to the proper lanterns though. ;-) The power was out for about 2 hours... back on in time for work.

Mom said...

And how are the towel racks?

Jil Wrinkle said...

The towel rack was torn off the wall, leaving a big hole where the one sconce used to be. Don't worry, I'll get that fixed.

By the way: It wasn't the ferocity of the weather that caught me off guard (it was essentially the same as what we get in The Philippines). It was the way everything in the house went flying: All the lamps fell over, all the stuff on the kitchen window sill went on the kitchen floor, et cetera.