Saturday, May 28, 2011

Did Sarah Palin Fake Her Pregnancy?

Andrew Sullivan has maintained ever since Sarah Palin was selected to be the Vice Presidential candidate in 2008 with John McCain that the retarded child whom she gave birth to only weeks before the campaign started (named "Trig") was not her own child, but that of her daughter.

It was kind of the liberal version of "show us the birth certificate", but with surprisingly more evidence than what the right wing claimed to have against Obama: Apparently the day that Sarah Palin gave birth, she was on a plane flying from Texas to Alaska. She even admitted that her water broke (4 weeks prematurely) in Texas, and then she gave a speech, flew 12 hours to Alaska, and then went to the hospital there to give birth.

Then there's the photos:

March 14: 6½ months pregnant, 1½ months before giving birth.
March 27: 7 months pregnant, 3½ weeks before giving birth.
April 8/9: 7½ months pregnant, 2 weeks before giving birth.
April 13: 5 days after the previous picture, 5 days before giving birth.

Show us the birth certificate!

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tomm said...

If you ever get a picture of a pregnant Bristol, at that time, then you might have something