Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Daily Report: In The Weeds

I've been weeding the front lawn. I kept watering it and looking at the huge patches of weeds and thinking how stupid it was to just continually water and grow weeds. So, I grabbed the first patch of weed and pulled. This 3-square-foot patch of tangled bramble that the weed was a part of came out of the ground. It was a satisfying experience in some man-over-nature fashion, especially on an effort-versus-results measure. To date, I have removed almost 30 pounds of weeds from what is actually a comparatively small patch of land. Yesterday, I went to the Home Depot and bought some "weed and feed" concoction that I spread around and watered in. We'll see what happens now. I'll probably need to buy seed for the bare patches, but maybe there is still dormant grass in that dirt.

Work has been going well. When I was moved to the new account back in November, I had actually pushed to be transferred to a different account on which I often worked, which was always very busy. Now 6 months later, I have been asked to go for a week to help out on that same account I had thought I should help with back in November. The funny thing is that I now like the new account more than the old account I had originally asked for.

The mind of the old fellow across the street is slipping quite a bit lately: He keeps stopping by and asking to borrow $10 (which I have been told by everybody not to provide). I figured I would just tell him that I only use plastic; that I never have cash in the house. That would keep him from asking twice. Wrong. He still stops by every 2 days to ask. Poor guy: He's really struggling with his mental facilities and is quite hapless and, I think, getting a bit frustrated and angry with a world that no longer understands him. He'll need to be moved to full-time supervision very soon.

Uncle Bob and Cousin Paul have been coming to cocktail hour every day. I did grocery shopping yesterday and picked up all kinds of appetizers for our daily klatch. We had cheese and salami today. Tomorrow is chips and salsa.

In return for my hospitality, Cousin Paul brought me some dinner to the house tonight: A mind-blowing plate of roast beef, corn, and mashed potatoes. I couldn't get over how good it was.

I've finally invented my own cocktail. (Not a punch, like the Cagayan Cocktail, for which I am already world-famous, but a proper cocktail.) I call it "Kentucky Daisy".

1.5 ounces bourbon
0.5 ounces coconut rum, like Malibu
0.5 ounces amaretto
Garnish with a Maraschino cherry and serve on the rocks.

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