Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Daily Report: New Site, New Drinks, New Problems

I decided to try something the other day regarding Epril's visa application: I got a piece of fancy stationery, in my best handwriting, I wrote to the California Service Center how great it would be if they could process my wife's visa application a tiny bit earlier than currently expected (not a rush or anything... just a few weeks earlier, pretty please) so that she could be in America for my birthday at the beginning of August (as compared to the expected end of August). Then I put it in a nice informal, non-business, envelope, and mailed it to California. (I was just curious as to what — after going very carefully and punctiliously through the steps of the application process, now that we're sitting around waiting for 5 months — a personal approach might accomplish. I held no high hopes, but for the cost of a stamp, I figured why not?)

I got a reply: A photocopied form letter directing me to the USCIS website where I could check the status of Epril's visa, and the assurance that all visas are handled in a timely manner in the order they are received. Oh well.

Of course, now they're talking about shutting down the government. One of the things that will grind to a halt will be the processing of visa applications. Jeez.

I'm almost finished with my website. The 90% version is now up on the internet if anybody wants to stop by: JILW.US, the first website I've designed in about 6 years. (It looks best in either Firefox or Google Chrome: They don't ignore all the fancy transitions and opacities that Internet Explorer shakes its head at.)

I ordered some orgeat syrup from Trader Vic's. I've got Singapore Slings generally figured out (I was surprised to learn how important bitters is to the recipe), and now I want to try putting together a perfect Mai Tai. So far, I haven't had much success with the workaround recipes that I've found online, and orgeat syrup (a crucial ingredient in the original 1940's recipe) is not something you find in your average liquor store, so I shelled out the shipping cost from California for a bottle: Twenty bucks, but it will last me for years — or at least about 120 Mai Tais.

I was actually thinking about how much fun it would be to run a catering liquor service for parties (under 50 people): Show up with my 40 or 50 different bottles, plus 40 or 50 mixers, fruit, blender, pitchers, and half a dozen cases of imported beer, charge $30 or $40 a head, and make fancy drinks all night until everybody is half cut. (I wonder if I need a liquor license for that? Probably.)

In other news, Mom and Paul will be headed back up North in the coming weeks, and I'll be alone again. Epril and her girlfriends are on their way to Bohol for a vacation: My treat to her with the arrival of my tax return. This coming weekend is the PhilFest 2011 in Tampa, where guys named Phil go and party. No... actually, it's the Philippine Cultural Foundation's annual festival. Mom, Paul, and I will be going on Sunday. Say hello if you see me there.


tomm said...

I know this won't help you much, but just 13 years ago(or shorter, i stopped pay attention when my wife got here) it took wives 2 years to get their visas while fiancees only took 6 monthes,(don't ask me why) and then when she gets here you might think you are done with ICE, but no, then you got to get a green card, and then the all important citizenship, if i could give you advice, it would be read the instructions X2 and then just give them what they ask for, don't try any shortcuts unless you get a good lawyer first, cause any mistake could get your application kick out and at the best you can just send the required form at worst you have to start over and they keep your fee, all in all I am glad I am done with it, Good Luck

Blogging from Boracay said...

Different visa issue: as an American I'm told/read on web I can get one year multiple entry but can only stay 59 days at any given time. Do all the people, US citizens, who stay there really count the days and fly to another nation just for drill every 59 days? Not very handy for us retirees is it? Any info? Thanks. My email is TEphil.islands@gmail.com

Jungle Jil said...

BFB: What country are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

opening an online business?

revenge is a dish best served cold.

Jungle Jil said...

...best served cold. Quite funny, that's the exact same thing Dan Messer said after telling me half a dozen terribly amusing stories about your childhood. I especially liked the one about you getting caught looking through your sister's bedroom window with your fly open. Heheh. Seems even at 14 the whole world knew where you were headed. Of course, with something that obvious, even your junkyard father could figure that out. No wonder you moved to Pattaya, pervert. Hope it doesn't sting too much when you get tossed out of there by immigration.

By the way Harris: You're not so stupid as to think that I wasn't aware that the first person to read my website all the way through would be you, did you?