Friday, April 8, 2011

Daily Report: Good News All Around

I got my tax refund back yesterday (on top of a rather nice paycheck). I got my bills paid, set some money aside for my mother and Epril. A monstrous box arrived from Macy's via Federal Express: Mom had bought Epril and me half a dozen variegated pots and a big set of cooking utensils.

Best news is, amazingly, I got my first client for my virtual assistant business! Yes, he's a reader of this blog... and his business is very much appreciated. Of course, that's as much as I will say on that particular subject.

It was out to dinner tonight with Mom, Paul, and Uncle Bob: Fish fry of course. I'm beginning to think that the single most popular out-of-house dining experience in America, after fast food, is the Friday Night Fish Fry. Every place we go to (and we have been to 4 places so far since I arrived in Florida) is always filled with hundreds of people.

That's it for now. A bit of good news, but not much news overall.

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