Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daily Report: Quickie

Just a quick update: Sorry to go 2 weeks between posts. I've been busy actually. First, I put together a new website (finishing bits still on the back burner). Then I've been doing my favorite pass-time: Rendering a 3D model. That's taking up the lion's share of my days. Oh: A new version of Sid Meier's Civilization came out recently, and I bought that as a present to myself last week and, well... you lose 4 or 5 hours at a time with that.

It was my mother's birthday today, so it was all the aunts and uncles (and me) out to a wonderful steak dinner. That's about the most exciting thing I've done in the past 2 weeks, really.

Sorry, everybody: We all knew it wasn't going to be the most exciting period of my life. But I've got my eye on the horizon and lots of paths to follow.

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Brunty said...

Mate have been reading your blog a long time, way back in the Pattaya days, followed your ups and downs and look forward to when Epril is in America with you mate.

I remember when you called her your "internet project" I think many years ago or something like that.

Anyway mate. Keep working hard and best of luck with the visa and that it is hassle free.