Thursday, March 24, 2011

Daily Report: The Purgatory Of Rendering

A small view of about 20 hours of work. Italian Country Palazzo with Infinity Pool.

I love creating 3D models, but I've never taken the time to get really serious about it before. Quite literally, all my life (just ask my mother), I've been creating fantasy spaces and vistas to fuel my imagination and sate my artistic drive.

I've downloaded this trial version of a particular rendering program. It's comparatively cheap ($100 compared to $600 for the higher end stuff), but I had to wait through 30 minutes of rendering time to get this photo. There is another rendering software for $150 that renders in 2 or 3 minutes, but doesn't have the reflection engine of this software. I'm going to end up picking one... and it won't cost $600.

If anybody knows of rendering software that (a) costs less than $150, (b) has both lighting and reflection engines built in, and (c) takes less than 5 minutes to render an image... let me know!

And that is how I spent my day.


Iain (with two "i"s) said...

Hi Jil

Its Iain, a friend of Geoff Paston's (and one of your fb friends too by the way lol)he told me you were looking for 3d help ...

Without knocking what you have done and I assume the "church" came as a preload ... whats wrong with daz3d ? its free and legal.

I can get just as good reflections (add a plane and make it reflective) and lighting options are much much better. Shadowing options are great too.

If you want to look at some of my stuff (its not exactly family viewing) ... its over at renderotica under user name bartolata

Alternatively .. and I cant understand you paying for software can get Carrara/ Pro, 3ds max, Poser etc etc on a number of chat forums ... for FREE ! (reply if you want the details)

Am glad to find another 3d "artist"

Happy rendering


Jungle Jil said...

Iain: Thanks for the info. And the image you see is entirely made from scratch by me. As a rule, the only thing I import is furniture that is too straightforward (but detailed) for me to spend time on. (I do custom furnishings though.)

michael said...

Find what you want and then go to uTorrents and pull it down. I have a lot of rendering programs that are old. Like 5 years or more, but where state of the art at the time. They should run fast on today's CPUs. Lightwave, Maya, 3D Studio and plugins and whatevers for all of them.