Friday, January 21, 2011

Monocular Matrimony Maintanence

Wife's Life, As Seen By Webcam


Anonymous said...

why doesnt your wife get a job?!

i think you don't want her to get ahead. the elite keeping the poor poor.

Jungle Jil said...

Good lord, I didn't realize I had Marxists reading my blog. That's funny. Well... yes, I know: I collect retarded blog readers like other people collect Hummel ceramics.

Yeah... da man is keepin' you down girl! Eprils of the world Unite! Organize! Throw off your opressive husbands!

The reason my wife doesn't get a job is because there is no sense in her going out and earning 5,000 pisos ($150) a month working 10 hours a day when she gets 10 times that amount already just having fun at home with her friends.

But of course, according to Commie Anon's comment, giving my wife 50,000 pisos a month is "the elite keeping the poor poor."

(This is almost as funny as the guy who tried to tell me that steamboats are the ultimate green technology because they are powered by steam... water. Yeah: Don't think just because your comments don't get published that I don't laugh at them.)

Anyway, when Epril comes to America, she will be going to school and getting a job.

Chetumaire said...

Don't make too much fun of steamboats, man. Find out what nuclear ships run on...

Jungle Jil said...

Oh yeah! They run on steam too! Woot! Nothing but water.

No seriously: I had this person of dubious mental capabilities submit this rambling treatise of a comment on how true green technology had been discovered long ago, starting off with Robert Fulton, whose steamboats ran on steam ("you know, water, get it?"). Apparently the guy was clueless that steamships (and steam locomotives) ran on tons of coal or wood, and steam was just the source for hydraulic pressure which moved the pistons which actuated the paddles (or wheels).

He then started into this bit about getting engines to run on urine... I didn't read too much past there, as it just degenerated into some long rant about rich corporations and China.

Anonymous said...

$1500 a month ....???
Can I get a husband like you ?

Jungle Jil said...

Well, half of that goes to pay the bills. But yes: If you are a good girl (or boy), and stay in school and stay away from drugs, you may be able to get a husband like me someday.

charish said...

Epril looks so sad in some of those pictures. I know how hard it must be for you both. I went nuts with my husband gone for a week I could not handle it. And Idiots out there really look at where she is living. Unlike the USA she is not going to make the $$ that she would make here. And if Jil can afford it let him. She is his everything. And if you have been reading his blog as long as I have you would understand that and the situation. Instead of insulting him ask questions. I have! I do not understand the culture full but Jil is always willing and ready to explain it to me.
I hope things work out for you both Jil.

Tom N said...

How long before you think she will be able to join you in Florida?

Jungle Jil said...


One of the most interesting things about blogging is how I -- some unimportant guy living a generally unimportant life -- can, just by writing about what I think or what I do, can elicit such intense feelings in people. It's kind of fun and a bit of a power trip... but at the same time rather amusing and confusing to think that there are actually people out there who can get so excited about my (and Epril's) boring life.


The original expectation of Epril in April was a little too optimistic. First off, we lost a month with the Philippines postal system's handling of Epril's visa application... so that automatically pushed things to May. Then, the website, recommended to me by a commenter (thanks by the way) said that the visa would take 8 months to complete, so we are looking for an arrival time sometime in August of 2011... perhaps September. Certainly in time for our anniversary on September 27th.

don b said...

8 months? wtf? god in a country with 12 million and counting illegal aliens and counting a guy can't even get his wife of years back here. it is maddening beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

I hope that she'll be here by September. Just to let you know My husband and I got married in the Philippines and it took us a year and half before I actually got my visa.