Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Daily Report: Drinks News

Mom and Paul are back home, and I'm back on my daytime/daylight/day schedule.

I bought some silly Rose's blue Cocktail Infusion. (It was on sale... and I'm always interested in finding new flavors for beverage application; the next Cagayan Cocktail is out there somewhere.) Absolute rubbish.

I forgot that nobody should ever buy Guinness except in a pint glass filled by a licensed bartender operating a properly piped and tapped keg, preferably served in a room with at least some brass and oak accoutrements. In fact the words "bottle" and "can" are never to be used in the same sentence (hereafter) with the word "Guiness" again.

Out with Mom and Paul to the store yesterday. While Mom was wandering through a dress store, I had a wander through a neighboring liquor store, and there I found "olive juice" for my martinis. Sheer genius. Do you know how many half-full jars of olives I have thrown away in the course of two decades of drinking dirty martinis? As soon as the jar juice had run out... well, there was just no helping it. Until now: Some guy up in Tampa came up with the idea to just mason sell jars of nothing but the olive-flavored juice: for $4, I get what used to be about 20 jars' worth of olive juice.

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