Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spooky Coca Cola Christmas

You might not have seen the movie "Inception". All you have to know is that it is about a group of people who enter the minds of sleeping people and control their dreams... their sleeping worlds... and create strange new realities (famously tipping and bending a city back upon itself) for the sleeping people to experience.

Now... listen to the theme music from Inception played instead of the regular music of the most recent Coca Cola Christmas commercial. Coincidence or... what?

Just my suspicion: I'm guessing this is a bit of brilliant marketing work. The advertising firm first makes the commercial... with the "Inception coincidence" built in on purpose. Then, after the commercial has more or less played itself out, somebody (from the advertising firm, most likely) "discovers" the "coincedence" and puts it on YouTube and a million more people watch... really watch... their otherwise-rather-normal commercial all over again from a completely new point of view.


Anonymous said...

They lost me. If they want to regain my attention, do something to the tune of Jimmy Boyd's "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."

Esoteria DOES have its limitations.

Mike Farrell

Jungle Jil said...


You live at the corner of Esoteria Alley and Trivial Trail. I'd think this kind of stuff is right up your alley... pardon the pun.