Thursday, December 23, 2010

Daily Report: Sipping, Nibbling, Chatting

I've decided that no matter how classy my surroundings (thanks Mom), I'm still a bachelor at heart. I'm not a slob or anything... just that I'm not one to go large with the day-to-day activities of living. Especially cooking. Even though I watch a lot of cooking shows, when it comes to meal time: it's a can of soup, or a couple of eggs, or something dead thrown in a pan and sizzled until it's the right color.

I go outside every night after work for a quick smoke... usually my third of the day. I've been watching Venus rise: So bright. Tonight, clouds were scudding along above me at about 500 feet, moving along as fast as I had ever seen clouds move, but there was barely any breeze there on the ground. I've never been one to stand around looking at stuff that is always there — my surroundings: stars, trees. Maybe that's an old person's amusement... I'm about due to start anyway.

Since I now have a bottle of Gray Goose vodka in the house along with a bottle of $8-per-gallon vodka, I decided to do side-by-side taste testing to see if I could tell the difference between low-end and high-end vodkas. I could, but I have to practice a while before I can explain what I'm tasting. Hmm... I'll bet I'd make a good bartender: I know gin, vodka, tequila, and rum. I really know my beers. (I need to practice on my scotch and wine knowledge though.) I certainly know how to mix just about everything in Mr. Boston. And when it comes to the secondary bartending role of the deipnosophist... I can chit-chat about any subject under the sun.

Uncle Bob was over tonight for cocktails. (I've been sleeping in late, so I was actually having my morning coffee with popcorn.) After that was a bit of news, then straight to work.

Skype wasn't working tonight, so I just chatted with Epril on the telephone. She's back in Jasaan, back at the house. And no, I don't have an answer to that question... it's up to her. I've also been chatting with my friend Dave who lives in Jasaan. He's been coming by to spend time with Tyson, bless him. Tyson has not been getting a fraction of the attention or exercise that he needs since I left, and Dave is working to provide that a little bit.

Oh: Tyson bit a kid yesterday, which surprised me at first. Then I found out it was one of the annoying Christmas Carolers who stuck his hand through the fence. Tyson apparently ran up and gave what can only be considered a warning bite... since he didn't break the skin or anything. (Seriously: The kid would not have gotten his hand back still attached if Tyson was of a mind.) Actually, it really was an impressive display of just how excellent Dobermans are at guarding a property: How many dogs could use "discretion" or have "self control" when attacking?


Jim Cunningham said...

Hi Jil - This is just my observation on your current lifestyle.I think you should try and find a job working alongside other people your perspective of life and the competitiveness of the world we live in is going to be lost to you.You are never going to meet people and make real friends when Epril eventually joins you in Florida unless you get out more.
Anyway a merry Christmas and hopefully a prosperous New Year to you and Epril for 2011.
Best wishes.
Jim & Marilou.

Jungle Jil said...

Thanks for the thought (and of course the holiday wishes), Jim.

The truth is, I don't think that the competitiveness of the world is something to which I am either ignorant or unpracticed: I spent nearly a decade inside the marble halls of New York City's top investment banks and law firms. I know how to put in 20 hour days and make myself look better than everybody else.

Now, I will say that competitiveness is something I avoid, or have soured upon, or in which I have seen no value: that's true. It was the antipathy towards the "New York lifestyle" helped drive me to Asia. (But, like a boxer-turned-pacifist, I could easily step back into the ring if I wanted to and go back to the 20 hour days.)

And, when it comes to making real friends when Epril gets here... well, there's a plan for that too. Don't worry. There isn't much I don't consider.