Friday, December 10, 2010

Daily Report: What's Going On?

I'm afraid that I have to admit defeat: My life is now so boring that even I — who can find writing fodder amidst the most mundane events — have nothing to write about.

What is going on? Every day, I wake up at about one in the afternoon. I have some hazelnut coffee, a bite to eat, and say goodnight to Epril via webcam. Then I watch my Tivo'ed television programs ("Good Eats" and "Doctor Who") for a couple of hours mostly, plus perhaps a once-every-three-or-four-day trip out of the house for a bit of shopping — or a documentary or something if an excursion does not materialize. (And shopping excursions consist mostly of trips to Walmart, if you are interested.)

At 5:00, it is out to the back porch for cocktails (only one booze drink for me as work comes later on... after that is diet Dr. Pepper) and pretzels, watching the puppies Gracie and Martini play together, and chatting with Mom, Paul, and Uncle Bob.

Then Uncle Bob goes back home and Mom, Paul, and I have dinner. (Dinners have been great, I must say.) Then, the dishes get done after which the three of us sit in front of the TV and watch the evening news. Then I sit down in front of my computer at about 7:00 in the evening, read stuff on the internet for a while.

Epril usually wakes up about this time and we chat some more. Then I get to work (which is going even better than expected: I'm literally back to where I was 4 years ago in every aspect, overtime and all... though I've been warned that this will only last for another year or so) at 8:30 and work through until about 3:30 a.m.

Then I get a beer, climb in bed, channel surf on my bedroom TV, read my book for about 30 minutes, and turn off the lights at about 4:30.

That's my day... that's every day, in and out.

Epril has put all of her required documents in the mail to get her visa and that should be arriving here in the next few days hopefully. That's all the news I have about that.

Oh... and it has been mighty fucking cold here in Florida, with temperatures dropping below freezing at night all this week. (I don't know what I did to deserve that.) Fortunately, not only does the house have central air, but central heating as well.

So to you, I offer my apologies that things are not more interesting. I must say that everything is going fine... great even, all things considered; it's just not not worth writing home about.


Don B said...

lol the mighty walmart has sucked even you in my friend.

hey and i don't want to hear any whining. it's 20 degrees up here in st. louis and falling.

may i suggest some sunset walks on the beach? i know it's not the same without epril, but hey you do have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world at your disposal. so do us house bound mid westerners a favor and get cracking on it!

Tom N said...

So what happens in a year?

Jungle Jil said...


This new account is typing only... not on speech recognition. My supervisor said that it will be at least a year before this account goes over to speech recognition (cutting pay by about 40%)... but it will be going there eventually.

Anonymous said...

Glad your posting again. Can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog--even if nothing earth-shattering is happening in your life.
Don't leave us hanging so long next time!
Southampton, NY

Anonymous said...

Er...that should have been "you're" posting again, not "your."
And to think that I'm an editor? Cripes.

Jungle Jil said...

It's okay Janet. Compared to some of the commenters I get whose grammar education ended with the "Dick and Jane" series, and who do not know where the -shift- key is on their keyboard, yours is more than passable.

However, as a note, if you really want to score points, this blog follows the British rule regarding quotations: The period goes outside the "your". (Sorry: It's a personal ongoing battle I have (along with the serial comma) with my editors at work.)

Juice said...

Hi Jil, greetings from Kuwait. Sure did miss you're blogging the past few days. I kept readying the cache on my phone thinking it was not re-loading the page right. Anyways it's always nice to read you and you have Many fans out here. How's your farmville? I had you and a Marine friend as neighbors, the Marine was always in first place and you #2. I ran in to him here in Kuwait and he still plays everyday and is probably #1 in the world in points by now.

Take care.