Friday, December 10, 2010


"Sarah Palin shot a reindeer on the last episode of her show. You don't typically see politicians shooting reindeer to death two weeks before Christmas.

Between the made-up words and wildly shooting at anything with four legs, Sarah Palin is turning into Elmer Fudd."

Jimmy Kimmel

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Anonymous said...

That show is one of the funniest. You can tell she is totally out of her environment in the wilderness. She is suppose to be an outdoors woman but it took her five shots to hit that caribou. It just stood there. I thought they tied it up because it didn't move. Her father referred to her as "my daughter Sarah Palin." Who refers to their son or daughter in that manner. When I talk about my sons or daughter I never say their last name. The whole show is to make a fictional character real.