Friday, November 19, 2010

Daily Report: Their Diet Starts Tomorrow

Another good day of work... but not as good as the days which came earlier this week... but tons better than any day prior to that. A transcription hysteresis has fallen upon me and it lies light on my soul.

Tonight, Mom and Paul treated me out to a Chinese restaurant all-you-can-eat buffet. Pretty stunning... and yet another example of ways that America can be cheaper than The Philippines, even in the difficult-to-match eating-out category: For $9 (360 pisos), a buffet filled with crab legs, sushi, peel-and-eat shrimp, and a multitude of dishes that didn't skimp even a tiny bit on the dearest ingredients. (All domestic beers were $2... 80 pisos... each.)

But you know what? People talk about how fast food is making America fat. Bullshit. It's all-you-can-eat buffets instead. I've never seen so many 400-pound people in one place in my entire life. There were more morbidly obese people eating at this one restaurant than there are in the entire population of Thailand.

You know, as a guy who is moderately concerned about watching his weight and is generally cognizant of what he eats, it's a bit upsetting to bite into a piece of sesame chicken, and then look over at the next table and see these mountainous people tucking into an all-too-similar plate of food as what he has selected for himself.

From now on, I'll only eat at restaurants were everybody looks like an aerobics instructor.

Oh... it looks like electronics and home appliances are not the only thing affected by my destructive aura. Puppy Gracie, since my arrival, has become a major behavioral problem... jumping up when she shouldn't, toileting accidents, nipping, barking. She was the perfect model of obedience before I arrived; now a clasic case of canine oppositional defiant disorder.


Issarat said...

Catching up:
Wow, I just read your blog for the first time in over a month!
Welcome back to the USA; it is not as bad as you may have thought, living there. When Epril arrives (do you have an ETA?) things will be even better.
Let me know if you have a phone number (email it to me) and we can talk by phone.
Shocking the speed of your relocation but; it may be a wise choice for the future as Asia is not the bargain it used to be; due to the significant drop in the USD-lets catch up; I'll wait for your email.

Mom said...

No, it's not true. Gracie wasn't the model of oppositional defiant behaviour since you arrived. She hasn't been perfect for a long time. You can't take credit for that. Her puppyhood can.

Jungle Jil said...

Don't interrupt my daily dose of weltanschauung and weltschmerz regarding my aura, Mom. It's all my fault.

Don B said...

well you're observation is spot on. but it's not really buffets or fast food. those are just symptoms of the overall disease. it's our culture of overindulging in the wrong types of foods. white sugar, flour, and rice have no purpose in anyone's diet. they should be considered rat poison. they have virtually no nutricious value and just load on the useless carbs and sugars. and in america it's all we eat. if people ate the right foods the obesity issue would solve itself. let's face it, if you put anything in your mouth made by little debbie, hostess, general mills or dozens of other big food companies you are basically eating human poison. no product they make should ever be consumed, bar none. they are poison peddlers.

what amazes me is that you see the same thing in asia. once an asian reaches middle class and has access to mcdonald's and jollibee they start assuming the "beer barrel" body type as well. it's not attractive on americans or asians.

what really bums me out is when you go to walmart or sam's club (purveyors of discounted oversize portions of human poison) and see whole families that are morbidly obese. look in their shopping cart, and you will see it is loaded with the above mentioned brands. seeing an eight year old kid that is 200 lbs. is kind of scary. walking around walmart is getting akin to going to a human circus.

Anonymous said...

Not applicable to this thread, however, posts/responses by an undentified "anonymous" should be disallowed and NEVER be printed or considered worthy of a response.

Mike Farrell
Cagayan de Oro

Roger said...

Exercise and the weight will drop off. One example--build up to a 30-minute run 4 times a week. You'll feel generally better too.