Saturday, November 20, 2010

Daily Report: No Remote Control

We finally figured out that Tyson has a better reaction to my voice over the computer if we hook up some proper speakers to it instead of just the little laptop ones. He still doesn't know that it is me... but he is more interested than before.

Epril left the webcam on the laptop running up in the bedroom while she went out, and Tyson came in and proceeded to grab a roll of toilet paper out of the linen closet, jump up on the bed, and destroy it in a display of unmitigated glee, as is his wont. I had never seen him do that before, as he normally flees the scene and postures innocence out in the hallway as soon as he hears someone coming... so I never realized how much joy he got from that behavior as he laid on his back, legs in the air, munching a roll of toilet paper. No wonder he risks a beating for the experience. I've seen porn movies with less passion than the Tyson Does Tissue video I watched. (Naturally, shouting at him via the computer, "Tyson! Get down! Tyson! Bad Dog! Tyson! Drop it! Tyson! I've got my shoe! [My spanking implement] Tyyyy-SON!" had no effect on him.)

Epril and her friends are really fluttering the dovecotes in Jasaan: Big house, lots of young and good-looking people hanging out watching BluRay movies on the big-screen TV, eating big meals, and laughing and having a good time day and night. According to Epril, the neighbors' jealously level is rising precipitously.

But it's what I want Epril to do: I'm not there, so Epril doesn't have anybody else to take care of, nothing to do but wait for me to get her visa, and obviously nobody to keep her company but her sister. Why not have everybody come over and watch movies, play games, eat, drink, and be merry? (And no, they aren't loud at all... especially compared to our chainsaw-motorcycle, puppy-dog-yapping, cock-crowing, board-sawing-hammering neighbor across the street. In fact: Epril... Crank it up! Piss those people off as much as they pissed me off when I was there. Revenge time.)

Work is still going well. I managed to do above my old 7-day average (7000 "lines"... 1000 lines per day) in just 5 days this week. (The 2-day shortfall was due to training.) That's pretty damn good, and represents an almost-50% increase in production (and pay). Unfortunately, they still have me on "full proofing" for the new account, to make sure I actually know what I am doing, so for the meantime I'm working days and losing my night-shift bonus, which is 12% above what I earn during the day (here).

The only thing that sucks is now I really am going to be working nights here in America... what is / used to be days in The Philippines. Nights are not nearly as easy as they used to be when I was in New York City and had the nightlife there anchoring my daily routine on my days off.

Well... I'll just have to get used to it. The way to look at night work is just consider it part of your sleeping schedule: You work-plus-sleep 16 hours per day. Nothing should interrupt either work OR sleep. As long as your free time and out-of-work/sleep obligations fall outside those 16 hours, there should not be any problems. Oh: And when you work nights, sleeping is a job. You have to make pains to sleep right, create the right sleeping atmosphere, and the right sleeping frame of mind. "Good sleep hygiene," the doctors call it. I have to get all those old skills back if I'm going to be able to work nights.


Anonymous said...

filipino's really are rude,arent they?

Anonymous said...

Someone is slandering your on-line friend and it aint pretty. You know who it is.The same guy who last month slandered an anonymous poster on this site who signs his name at the end.Someone should shut the slandering sleazebag up.

Jungle Jil said...

I found some good words to describe the way that some Filipinos behave: "Pecksniffian." Sanctimoniously affecting concern for somebody in order to hide animosity or other machiavellian intentions. Also see "oleagenous", "tartuffe", and "svengali".

Rude though? Not to anybody's face. But the Filipino national sport of "back biting" is certainly not suffering for lack of players.

Anonymous said...

tyson alwys do that when i was in your house...hehe
till now he loves to eat tissue paper..