Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Daily Report: Et Cetera

Continuing on in my destruction of everything (as outlined yesterday), my mother's coffee machine is now dying. I'm expecting the entire house to collapse in the next few weeks as a result of my presence.

In my job, I simply tore shit up today. Can't put it any other way. It was almost as good as the good old days. This new account is a godsend.

Eating is continuing to be a fun undertaking here. Mom is feeding me well. On Sunday, we had a chicken in a mushroom rice risotto; on Monday, we had a pork and saurkraut stew, on Tuesday we had fish, and then on Wednesday, we just ate all of the leftovers.

Epril and I are in constant communication on Skype and by e-mail and text messages. Epril and Tyson seem to be adjusting to life without me around. Her friends have kind of moved into the house to keep her company... kind of the new frat house on the block. That's cool... just wish I could be there to enjoy it too.


Tom N said...

Have you talked with a lawyer yet about getting Epril to the U.S.?

Jungle Jil said...

No... not yet. I'm going to submit the preliminary paperwork soon.

Tom N said...

Glad to hear that work is going so well. Hopefully, you can stay with this account.