Sunday, October 17, 2010

Asked 7 Times, Still Won't Name A Program To Cut

Carly Fiorina was asked 7 times (seven!) by Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday to name one single program she would cut if elected to be California's Senator... and she wouldn't answer. And this is a lady who, like every other Republican, is basing her entire campaigin on how much she is going to cut government spending.

And can't name a single way she will cut government spending.

Watch it:

People can claim the Republicans have put out some plan to cut spending as much as they want. The simple fact is, either the Republican candidates themselves have no idea what that plan is, or they refuse to discuss the specifics of that plan because they think it will cost them the election.


Anonymous said...

the plan IS:READY?Ship all the manufacturing jobs to the third world,cut taxes and eliminate tariffs on all foreign made imports,eliminate taxes on the wealthiest citizens while giving free medical care to all the illegal aliens.Then tax the shit out of the middle,working class while eliminating all tax credits for education of the youngest americans and hey,while they are at it:Give the politicians a 100% raise for being such great thinkers!
Question:who is the party that has the mascot that is the "jackass"?

Jungle Jil said...

Well Anonymous,

You just described a whole bunch of Republican talking points oddly enough... not sure if you mistakenly think their mascot is the donkey instead of the Democrats, or if you are hopelessly misguided:

Ship all the manufacturing jobs to the third world,cut taxes and eliminate tariffs on all foreign made imports

That's actually Carly Fiorina's stance: She refers to "outsourcing" as "right shoring". (Isn't that catchy?)

Who liked NAFTA, which reduced tariffs and created the North American Free Trade Agreement? Republicans too.

eliminate taxes on the wealthiest citizens

Well, extending the Bush tax cuts doesn't precisely eliminate taxes on the wealthiest citizens, but the Republicans certainly don't want to repeal the Bush Tax Cuts like the Democrats do... which did lower taxes on the wealthiest citizens.

free medical care to all the illegal aliens

Another Republican idea believe it or not: You see, the healthcare plan passed by the Democrats actually changes the system to ensure that illegal immigrants cannot have access to free healthcare (as they currently do by just walking into any emergency room and writing down "John Doe" on the sign-in sheet). Republicans are against this... so of course, that means they like illiegal alien healthcare the way it is now.

eliminating all tax credits for education

Another Republican plan... do away with the Department of Education.

So, Anonymous, like I said... either you have confused which party has which mascot... or you are just plain confused. Which is it?

Anonymous said...

and you think I(and everyone else) didn't know that?Because of the placement of a question?(recognize the sarcasm now?)
the question was just that,a question.(a sarcastic one,get it?)
No confusion what-so-ever.A li'l sarcasm is all,SEE?
to re-iterate ,the question was only a question.(a sarcastic one!)
I have always known the elephant belongs to the GOP(doesn't everyone?) and never said other-wise and also knew that all of the statements before the question were republican endorsed policies(doesn't everyone?),and never said otherwise.
So,maybe it was presumptuous of you to think that:A) I was confused about who has the jack-ass as their mascot,OR,B)thinking I am just plain confused,OR C)thinking that someone is not a smart as you think you are,just for the placement of a sarcastic question without thinking well,maybe it is a sarcastic question(do you think your readers are so dumb as to not know the answer to that question?and see the sarcasm,as you didn't?)And when you look at the previous statements you will realize that being presumptuous just makes YOU confused about the intelligence of at least one of your readers!No biggie!OR ,D)maybe it is not presumtuous of you at all!I think it was though,and it is obvious!Ya didn't get it!

Jungle Jil said...

Or maybe you just suck at sarcasm.