Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm Going To Study At Yale

Did you know that Yale has over 20 courses available for free on their website? Real courses consisting of dozens of lectures by the real Yale professors on everything from chemistry to literature to politics. You can just download the MP3 and listen, or watch the video of each class if you prefer. Very cool.

I imagine that this isn't the only major college that has this. I'll check around and see if any others do the same.

Ahhh... bada bing. 250 courses from UCLA, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia...

How about Harvard?

Here's a blog that keeps you updated on what courses are coming online.


Roger said...

Nice find.

With so much going wrong in the world, it's nice to see great things like this appearing.

Mom said...

Is it possible to get a degree?

Jungle Jil said...

Sorry Mom, I don't think Harvard, Yale, or the others are ready to give away $150,000 degrees for free on the internet quite yet.

Actually, I don't even think that the courses they post online are full 3-credit courses... just what would constitute probably a 1-credit class from what I saw on the Yale selection.

There are online colleges like University of Phoenix that allow you to get an entire degree via internet-based study though.

Tom N said...

There are now hundreds of colleges where you can earn a degree online. There are also hundreds of high schools where you can earn a high school diploma online.

And, yes, that is what I do for my day job.

Issarat said...

Tom, can you post a link or your email information on some of the best online degree institutions?

kris said...

Thank you for the links, Jil. The Harvard course on "Traditions and transformations" in China is pretty interesting, the perfect material for my MP3 player during my lunch time walk.