Monday, September 27, 2010

Daily Report: Camiguin Trip Day #1

Epril and I are celebrating our anniversary in The Philippines' best-kept secret... the place where Filipinos go when they want to go to a rustic tropical paradise... Camiguin Island.

We're staying at Camiguin Golden Sunset Resort, owned by British Expat Phil and his lovely wife. It's a lovely place with a nice swimming pool, a restaurant, a beach, and rooms that range from 2000 to 3700 pisos ($45 to $82) per night.

The resort chartered a boat to take us out to nearby White Island, a fantastic coral island (round trip 450 pisos ($10). White Island is simply one of the nicest beaches you can go to... especially if you are lucky enough to go there when it is empty, as Epril and I were. The aquamarine and cerulean water, the magnificent mountains of the island in the background... and the beautiful silence as you float around. It's just the best the planet has to offer.

In the evening, Epril and I walked down the beach to another kano owned resort, Secret Cove, and had dinner. Proprietor Tom from Canada has a beautifully-stocked bar there (scotch lovers will be more than thrilled), and specializes in diving excursions.

After that, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Then, it was back to Golden Sunset where I chatted for a while with owner Phil and another resident kano (of which there are a surprising number... over 200) by the name of Oliver, who owns a mining operation here in the country.


Mom said...

What a lovely trip for you two! That water in your video looked like Heaven.

tomm said...

I really enjoy Camiguin Island, Did you enjoy the hot springs on C.I? some good snorkeling there,
My wife won't go to white Island because of the "FARIES", Cameguin reminds me a lot like Catalina Island, it would be a nice place for a getaway for sure