Friday, September 3, 2010

Expat Attacked At Restaurant, In A Coma

A fellow named Marian, a Polish-American who has recently moved to Cagayan de Oro and is soon to be married to his fianceé, Kenny, was attacked at a restaurant by the restaurant's owner and is now in a coma, barely clinging to life.

Apparently it was an argument over cold soup. Marian sent back the not-hot soup wishing to have it heated up, and instead the waiter brought back a different kind of soup (that wasn't hot either). After that, the meat that they were served was undercooked and Marian complained about that too.

Then, apparently the wife of the owner started saying rude things about Marian (and Kenny, who was with him). From there, I'm not sure precisely what happened, but according to Kenny, first the waiter attacked Marian, and then the owner (a Japanese national) came and hit Marian in the back of the head with a hammer.

Marian has been unconscious ever since... 4 days on.

The Japanese owner is in jail. The owner's wife is on TV sporting a bandage on her arm, telling the world that Kenny attacked her with a knife and that Marian just fell over while he was drunk.

Now: the way that I see things, unless dealing with a person or party completely devoid of their faculties (which I'll admit is always a possibility), a dispute about cold soup does not go from words to blows without both parties contributing to heating the situation. I won't argue that point.

But: assault with a deadly weapon? That could never be justified; that should certainly be good for an instant guilty verdict followed by a very, very long jail sentence.

Stupid Japanese fucker ruins Marian's life, ruins his own life, ruins his wife's future, and breaks Kenny's heart... over cold soup. What a shame.


Anonymous said...

Marian is not American, he is Polish. He worked for many years in the US but never applied for citizenship.

His English is impeccable.

The "story" about falling off a chair vs. being hit on the head with a hammer can easily be determined/verified by ANY orthopedic surgeon viewing the x-rays.

Too bad perjury is an ignored offense in the Philippines, and affidavits and sworn testimony changed from black to white with no recriminations.

Mike Farrell
Cagayan de Oro

Jungle Jil said...

I didn't think of the point that you raised: After the husband is found guilty and sentenced to prison, I'm quite sure that a civil case for slander against the wife would be a slam-dunk.

They could sue for the value of the restaurant and then have the satisfaction of bulldozing that place to the ground once they own it.

Anonymous said...

I understand that the foreigner is dead?

Anonymous said...

A very sad incident. However, I'm sure the assailant was simply renting the restaurant and was not the owner, so a long term lawsuit will gain you nothing. Most likely the assailant will be released and on a plane to Japan within 24hrs of making bail from a "friendly" judge.. The PI immigration "no fly list" will not reflect his name until he fails to show for the first court appearance.

Issarat said...

Maybe instead of bulldozing the restaurant to the ground; they could install a powerful microwave to stave off any future hammer attacks.
Of course, happy hour would be renamed 'hammer time' and when customers are drunk- calling them 'hammered' would be in poor form indeed.
All kidding aside; those silly Japanese are sickos-just look at your WW2 history.