Friday, September 3, 2010

Daily Report: Friday, Week In Review

Sorry about not posting much this week. I know how you look forward to reading about what I am doing... even when it is as close to nothing as is possible.

Actually, I was busy this week. My friend Don has put me to work on his new business plan (as he had offered after seeing my lament about my work hours being cut). It doesn't pay now, but instead in the form of future dividends, which — after having the idea explained to me — should make for a very nice income. (Sorry... I can't tell you what I'm doing. Don made me promise: It's something that is only profitable as long as we're the only ones doing it.)

I got my electric motorcycle back this week and I've been taking Tyson out for runs. We cover about a kilometer and a half in 7 or 8 minutes. I drive and Tyson runs like a maddog. Obviously I'm not getting as much exercise as when I walk Tyson myself, but Tyson gets at least 20 times as much exercise, has at least as much fun as going on the leash, and it's all over and done with much more quickly.

It was out to dinner at the Thai restaurant at Limketkai mall tonight with Susan and Jans. I did all the ordering since nobody else really knew what would be good. Weird thing about that Thai restaurant: They have no sticky rice, except for the traditional sticky rice mango dessert, so if I want sticky rice (and I do) I have to order the dessert without the mango or sweet milk poured over it.

After dinner, we all went shopping and I bought a new computer for the living room. Well, a new used computer for the living room that will be the household internet terminal... to give Epril's laptop a break and allow more than one person to be on the internet at a time. The whole computer, with keyboard, mouse, wireless internet, LCD monitor, et cetera, cost about $250. (Actually, with my office computer, the PlayStation 3, and Epril's iPhone, in addition to the laptop and living room computer, we now have 5 points of internet access to enjoy.)

After that, I went and bought a new chair for my office. The old one broke after only 5 or 6 months. (Like that is a surprise?) There were 3 different chairs to try, ranging in price from $100 to $300, and — lucky me — the chair that fit me best was also the cheapest.

After that, it was home with Driver Chris at about 9:00.

There. We are pretty much all caught up now.

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